Modern kitchen design – concepts for open shelving systems

Scandinavian kitchen wooden furniture

Open shelving systems in kitchen design are a useful and stylish addition in the kitchen, where a perfect balance between practical equipment for cooking and serving, and a chic ambience should be created. The following ideas might be useful to you and give an answer on how to avoid the chaos in the kitchen and create a charming, well-organized kitchen.

Inspirational ideas for open shelving systems

Furniture furnishings kitchen

Chic and totally minimalist open shelving systems offers company i29, where a special option for compact and practical storage space is presented. The irregular shapes of the furniture help create a gorgeous look, while the neutral color scheme highlights the purity, beauty and fabulous decoration. The retro style can be felt through large glasses and mugs with spices.

Open shelving systems and storage space ideas

Wood kitchen furniture design

Here comes an idea that offers practical storage space for kitchen accessories and at the same time guarantees that you have everything in close proximity. Open shelving systems in the kitchen make life easier and contribute to a cozy atmosphere. The shelving system is made of solid wood and comes in a compact form. The minimalist interior allows the design to come into its own.

Open shelving systems from 3ddd – industrial chic

industrial chic kitchen

the open shelving systems from 3ddd are designed and constructed in an industrial chic style. The avant-garde decorations are combined with furniture made of ebony. The fantastic shelves are the focus of the design. Bogdan Stancu Studio offers an extraordinary Japanese style shelving system. Open shelves made of glass give the kitchen an exotic look. The soft tones of the decoration, the interesting lines of the furniture and the green plants in the corner are particularly impressive. Jessica Helgerson presents a spacious and comfortable Scandinavian kitchen, designed according to the classic concept with solid wooden shelves and cute decorations.


Elegant shelving system by Bogdan Stancu

green chairs dining area

Shelving systems in the minimalist kitchen

Shelving systems furnishing ideas in the kitchen

Modern kitchen island with storage space by Jessica Helgerson

Kitchen island open shelving systems

Interesting bar stool in the kitchen

white kitchen retro style