Modern fitted kitchens with timeless aesthetics – “First” collection by Snaidero

Modern fitted kitchens from Italian-kitchen manufacturer-kitchen island

The Italian kitchen manufacturer Snaidero has designed a new kitchen project designed for the tastes of the young audience. “First” are fitted kitchens in a modern style that focus on a high-quality lifestyle and at the same time offer an inexpensive alternative for designer kitchens. More about the new project for modern fitted kitchens You can find out more about Snaidero below.

Modern fitted kitchens with timeless design and affordable quality

Modern fitted kitchens white-kitchen-kitchen island-shiny-fronts

The modern fitted kitchens are designed with smooth kitchen fronts that are provided with a groove instead of a handle. In this way, a minimalist design is achieved that presents a stylish solution for the modern interior. The collection offers an extensive selection of materials for a stylish finish and elegant design that does not contain any superfluous elements. “First” is part of the “Everyone” collection, which offers a solution for custom-made kitchens at affordable prices.

Modern fitted kitchens from Snaidero – The features of the “First” collection

Modern fitted kitchens, Italian design kitchen island counter

“First” is a project for a kitchen without handles, which has a timeless, minimalist design and is specially designed for the modern home. The kitchen project includes open shelves, custom-made worktops, kitchen fronts and counters, as well as elegant room solutions for the open living area. The living room furniture extension is designed for a seamless passage between the different areas in the open living space and aims to create a continuous, harmonious interior.

Fitted kitchen with shiny kitchen fronts 

Modern fitted kitchens, handleless-glossy-front-kitchen-island

Design the kitchenette in a modern and stylish way

Modern fitted kitchens kitchen peninsula-open-kitchen-modern

Modern fitted kitchens with counter by Snaidero


Open shelves for the kitchen


Living room furniture for the open living area

modern-fitted-kitchen-collection-living room-furniture-extension

Designer kitchens with a wide range of materials and finishes


Handleless kitchen for a modern home


Minimalist fitted kitchen with counter


Combine handleless kitchen cabinets with open shelves


Modern fitted kitchens with a minimalist design


Elegant fitted kitchen without handles


High quality kitchen design with smooth surfaces


“First” collection for fitted kitchens with living room furniture extensions

modern-fitted-kitchen-equipment-open-living-rooms-wall-mounted cabinet

Wall cabinet without handles for the living area

modern-fitted-kitchen-collection-extension-living room-cupboards

Stylish ideas for the modern kitchen unit


Dark interior with a bright kitchenette from Snaidero


Practical and modern solutions for the fitted kitchen


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