Modern fitted kitchens impress with their minimalist aesthetics

gray stainless steel white color wall shelf

We present you one modern fitted kitchen, designed according to the basic minimalist principles. A multifunctional design is hidden behind the simple, puristic look.

 Modern fitted kitchen with a puristic color scheme

Lighting central island dining area white cabinets stove

The designer Giuseppe Bavuso has one modern fitted kitchen for the Italian kitchen manufacturer Ernestomeda designed. The project is called “Icon” for a reason – the kitchen impresses with its minimalist look and simple aesthetics. The neutral color scheme and the successful combination of materials give the design a charming look. The plastic wall cabinets form an attractive contrast to the wooden kitchen island. A long wall unit offers storage space for kitchen appliances. The generous work area made of stainless steel ensures maximum comfort while cooking. Details like handleless kitchen cabinets and multiple wall shelves add to the concept.

Modern fitted kitchen – functional room planning

Shelf system wood cook glass cabinet

the modern fitted kitchen by Ernestomeda is characterized by a clear structure and functional space planning. The well thought-out niche design and storage space contribute to the modern living concept. Practical dividers are hidden behind the simple fronts so that the kitchen utensils find their place. The kitchen island in the middle of the room is combined with a dining area. Thanks to the good planning, the kitchen looks spacious – the built-in lighting makes it appear bright and cozy.

Ernestomeda is an Italian furniture manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality kitchens. They are especially popular because of their minimalist collections. In close cooperation with talented designers from all over the world, you always try to present practical and stylish kitchen concepts. For the Italian brand, luxury means above all functionality and quality.

Fitted kitchen with a minimalist look Wooden cabinet sink U-shaped built-in cabinets

Additional work surface for more convenience while cooking

Kitchen planning hotplate gas glass wall

Storage space for the cooking utensils

Cups wine bottles storage space distribution

Stylish kitchen island with dining area

Worktop dining area bar stool extractor hood

Modern sink with a drip tray

Hotplate modern faucet stainless steel worktop

Simple matt fronts and handleless cabinets

Wooden counter Italian manufacturer white wall cabinet

Closet with wine rack

Storage space kitchen wine cellar cutlery cooking utensils

Practical and comfortable thanks to good room planning

Wall cabinet kitchen island white dark wood color

Light-flooded cooking area

Room planner 3d visualization Italian manufacturer

Subtle built-in lighting

Wall cabinets design dining area wooden counter built-in lighting

Wall shelves made of stainless steel

Stainless steel plain marble slab work area

Puristic color scheme – white cabinets

Wall cabinet white, simply puristic

High quality materials – wood, concrete, stainless steel

Stainless steel countertop drip tray hotplate sink

Cupboard for the microwave and the oven

Wall unit stove microwave wood top utensils

The dining area in the kitchen – a convenient addition

Kitchen fronts handleless cupboards light

Base cabinet handleless wall shelves spices plants