Modern design and separation of open kitchen-living rooms – ideas for furnishing

Modernly design and separate open kitchen-living room - tarpaulin-farmhouse-window

One open kitchen has advantages and disadvantages. At the so-called house parties, the housewife does not have to run back and forth, but the guests stay comfortably in the same living room and can even help themselves. Of course, the noise insulation is missing, as the door between the kitchen and living area is missing.

Modern design and separation of the open kitchen-living room – partition walls made of lattice windows

Design and separate open kitchen-living room in a modern way - white-red-gloss

The open kitchen-living room has become an absolute trend in recent years. It brings more liveliness into the house and becomes the immediate, communicative focus. Since the partition walls are missing, the whole apartment gains a few more square meters and the light can also better flow through the rooms. This area of ​​the apartment does not seem cramped like in a single kitchen.

In order to be able to use the space optimally, a lot has to be considered in advance. In the kitchen, the most important things are the different work processes involved in cooking, washing up and cooling. All the connections for electrical appliances, sinks, extractor hoods and others must be planned carefully and in good time in a new house. In old buildings you should always keep them in mind and take them into account when looking for the right fitted kitchen.

Design and separate the open kitchen-living room in a modern way – through elevations in the interior

Design and separate kitchen island levels in a modern way

If you want to somehow separate the kitchen and living area in the living room, but so that the friendly and relaxed ambience is not disturbed, we give you a few tips on how to plan and design it in a modern and practical way.

Whole apartment in one room

Modern design and divide-one-room open kitchen-living room

Kitchen niche – clear separation of the areas

Design and separate open kitchen-living room in a modern way - narrow-blue-white

Feasible in the smallest apartment

Modernly design and divide open kitchen-living room-small-flat-tiny

Plain glazing separates areas without disrupting the flow of light

Modern design and separation of the open kitchen-living room - sliding glass doors

Glass sliding doors do not restrict the space


Sliding doors in matching colors can be invisible

Modern design and separation of the open kitchen-living room - design-sliding-door-white-sand

Rail systems enable smart and stylish solutions


Partition wall and kitchen counter in one


 Glass bricks allow light to penetrate and have an elegant look


Apartments – The levels divide the different areas


Niches and levels can be converted into an open kitchen


Idea from a loft apartment


A few square meters divided into levels


Separation of the rooms by open wall shelves 


White glass partition and open shelf in one


Modern design – kitchen appliances in free-standing partition walls


Separate the kitchen from the living room with the floor covering


Separate optically by colors


Separate and position the kitchen by color


Playful supports and counters separate the kitchen from the living area


 The layout of the apartment can determine the areas


The look and the shape of the counter or kitchen units separate the room 


The modern design allows creative solutions for all areas







open kitchen-living room dark gray-color-cupboards-accented-yellow-parquet-fish grating

open kitchen-island-modern-country-style-stool