Mirosi – The modern HI-MACS kitchen with island by Miton

Marosi-kuecheninsel-weiss- modern HI-MACS kitchen extendable shelves

We’ll provide you with the new one, modern HI-MACS kitchen from Miton before. Her name is Marosi and she is part of the Italian company’s luxury collection. The design conveys a feeling of movement, as the fronts of the kitchen island are not straight, but wave-shaped. The modern kitchen not only has a certain style and appeal, but is also very practical – with deep drawers and shelves that rise out of the sea to provide more storage space and counter space. And we’re talking about a wooden shelf that runs through the middle of the island. A simple touch of the remote control brings you all the elements you need for cooking. So you have the ingredients for every recipe conveniently at hand. LED strips are also built into the shelf so that salt and pepper cannot be confused in the dark.

Modern HI-MACS kitchen with a hidden function


Such a minimalist design requires an equally modern material – the Hi-Macs Minrealwerkstoff. It can be easily thermoformed to maintain the purity of the design. There are no edges, joints or hinges that prevent the waves from flowing smoothly. The solid surface material is very robust and resistant to moisture, stains and scratches. The HI-Macs mineral material is available in several colors, but here “Alpine White” looks very elegant. The large pantry, which is more than just a series of shelves, offers additional storage space in the kitchen. The cooking utensils, dishes and everything else is hidden and tidied behind wooden sliding doors.

The HI-MACS kitchen from Miton


a shelf can be raised and lowered electrically


the shelf and the cupboard in a pleasant wood tone


beautiful wavy fronts


have everything at hand


Close up


Sinks also from Hi-Macs


Cooking island-hi-macs-white-hotplates


designer island hi macs hotplates


hi-macs-kitchen-island-pantry-wooden sliding-doors