Luxury kitchen furniture from SieMatic for your modern kitchen


The German design studio SieMatic is also the manufacturer of the Luxury kitchen furniture and designers of some amazing modern kitchens – with a new design and a stylish appearance. A room, organized and furnished by the specialists from SieMatic, can be recognized immediately. With their retro elements from the last two centuries, they create impressive decors and comfortable surroundings.

white luxury kitchen furniture and brown accents from SieMatic


Modern luxury kitchen furniture by SieMatic are based on the contrasts and avant-garde motifs in the ornaments that grab the attention of customers. the Luxury kitchen furniture are in light and neutral colors so that the dark and strong elements can be placed on the tables, shelves and electrical appliances in the kitchen. The black and white scheme is accentuated with large windows and glass doors or frames.

Luxury kitchen furniture from SieMatic


High-tech, minimalism and classicism can easily be combined in the design of all modern SieMatic kitchens. Order and cleanliness work with the pure lines of the Luxury kitchen furniture, which are usually in the corner of the premise. The accents are set by a royal crystal chandelier or mosaic ceramic tiles on the walls. These key elements represent the most important rule that SieMatic designers follow in their work – simplicity and magnificence under one roof.

luxurious kitchen furniture


The high-quality materials such as teak and ceramics, combined with impressive marble show the reason why the products with the SieMatic brand Luxury kitchen furniture is called. Modern SieMatic kitchens will definitely last a long time.



luxurious kitchen furniture from SieMatic


white simple kitchen from SieMatic


luxurious white kitchen from SieMatic


luxury kitchen furniture SieMatic


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