KL 1 – freestanding kitchen block with built-in appliances by Sarah Maier

Kitchen island design solid wood french walnut grain

KL 1 is a multifunctional new product from the Sarah Maier collection. Due to the integration in the living area, KL 1- free-standing kitchen block the central element of the facility. The modern design lives from the contrast between the simple color of the interior and the successful combination of magenta-colored worktop and walnut shade and grain.

Freestanding kitchen block in asymmetrical design

Sarah-Maier cooking island asymmetrical dishwasher built-in gas fields

The asymmetrical pentagonal outline of the kitchen island turns kitchen work from isolated to communicative. The multifunctional piece of furniture made of French walnut has dimensions 900x1880x2420mm. This new development of the Sarah Maier collection shows how a freestanding kitchen block can represent fine craftsmanship and technical competence. Design and choice of colors shape the individual style. The modern kitchen island invites you to culinary challenges.

Freestanding kitchen block KL 1 – aesthetic solution for your kitchen

Freestanding kitchen block Kitchen island design Modern built-in appliances Gas hobs

Freestanding kitchen block KL 1 represents a unique combination of material and color. Three gas fields freely arranged on the work surface bring dynamism to the linear concept. The sink embedded in the work surface is an elegant and practical detail. Noble, seamlessly connected veneers form the finish.

The KL 1 kitchen island was launched on the market in 2013 and has already received the Interior Innovation Award “Selection”. The designer presents herself with unique, elegant, functional and aesthetic products, which she manufactures in her family joinery founded in 1910 in Markgröningen near Stuttgart.

Lively color accents exude a good mood 

Pink kitchen island design-recessed-sink hotplate magenta

Sarah Maier collection – kitchen island

Pentagonal pink wooden kitchen island-Sarah Maier collection

Pentagonal kitchen block KL 1 equipped with modern built-in appliances

Kitchen systems modern kitchen island pink lacquered gloss

Asymmetrical kitchen block with seamlessly surrounding veneers

Kitchen with wooden island pink counter sink recessed gas hobs

Kitchen island invites you to enjoy culinary delights!

Sarah Maier Kitchen Systems Award won Selection

Kitchen with cooking island – edgeless polished worktop made of artificial stone and faucet made of stainless steel

Recessed sink worktop with mangenta stainless steel faucet