Kitchen solutions for small kitchens – how is little space optimally used


The kitchen is a popular meeting place for the whole family. If there is hardly any space in the kitchen, you should think of a suitable kitchen design so that you can enjoy eating and cooking. With the following tips, the small kitchen appear bigger.

Setting up a small kitchen – useful tips

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You can’t do without the work surface in the kitchen. So that you can move around easily while cooking, there should be at least one meter of free space around the work surface. When planning the kitchen, count on at least a 60 cm wide work surface, which is best kept free of decorations and kitchen appliances. One small kitchen with island creates enough space when the island is placed against the wall. In any case, invest in quality.

Design ideas for small kitchens – room planning

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A vertical room design creates optimal storage space. A lot can be stowed away in the floor-to-ceiling kitchen cupboards. This is how she sees small kitchen not only bigger, but also tidier.

Kitchen planning with limited floor space

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Closed fronts, clear, reduced shapes and handleless cabinets ensure a tidy look and leave the small kitchen appear bigger. Better to do without open shelves. If you still find the open shelves practical, you should keep everything in order. Colored doctors immediately become an eye-catcher. However, all shelves must be easily reached.

Kitchen furniture for small kitchens

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So that the kitchen space is optimally used, you should choose a suitable kitchen shape – whether corner kitchens, U-shaped kitchens, kitchen islands, etc. Multifunctional kitchen furniture offers both storage space and additional work space. the small kitchen can appear larger with more light. Led spots and pendant lights are very suitable for the kitchen. It is best to opt for lighting on several levels.

Colors that visually expand a kitchen

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Creamy white, lime green or sand yellow leave them small kitchen look bigger. Light colors ensure a comfortable feeling of living. When the lower cabinets are dark, the upper part of the kitchen appears even more airy.

Colors in the kitchen – white and green

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Furnishing ideas for the kitchen

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Keep open shelves tidy

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