Kitchen island design with many drawers from Schiffini

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Today we would like to introduce you to a kitchen island that is anything but ordinary and will especially please lovers of special pieces of furniture. Because this is really original and practical Kitchen island design by Schiffini. The design comes from Gitta Gschwendtner and is impressive in many ways. On the one hand, this gives the island an irregular and therefore interesting design and, on the other hand, it provides a lot of storage space that you can never have enough of in the kitchen.

Kitchen island design with steel worktop

kitchen island design idea modern drawer wood furniture kitchen

The fact that the individual drawers protrude in different ways in this kitchen island design also creates great shadow effects. This makes the kitchen island look very dynamic. It is also interesting that there are no handles for the drawers. Instead, your own fingers and the holes provided for them are used to pull it out.

Kitchen island design with shadow effects

laminate kitchen island design steel work surface kitchen furnishing

The kitchen island design is available in either white laminate or light birch wood. The work surface is made of fine steel. This makes the island look more elegant and also makes cleaning easier. The kitchen island also includes a sink with a modern tap and a built-in stove. Both also give the island a modern look. If you are looking for furniture for the kitchen that will amaze you, then this variant is guaranteed to be the right choice and should definitely not be missing. Take a look at the model from other points of view and you will fall in love with the kitchen island at the latest.

The kitchen island drawers protrude

kitchen island design drawers furnishing functional kitchen idea

Kitchen island with lots of storage space thanks to many drawers

furniture kitchen island design idea drawers wood birch

The kitchen island design is made of laminate and birch wood

schiffini kitchen island wood idea functional steel

Kitchen island design by Gitta Gschwendtner for Schiffini.