Kitchen design – the mysterious charm of dark colors

Kitchens design design dark cabinets metal door handles

Many designers advise against the dark color scheme in the kitchen. We’ll show you stylish ideas for Kitchen design in dark colors that prove otherwise. The black kitchen can look modern, traditional and inviting – it all depends on the combination of light and dark accents.

Modern kitchen design with dark colors

black metal glass kitchen back wall green lighting

The dark Kitchen design exudes elegance, spaciousness and minimalist aesthetics. Dark utensils and devices will also underline the look. Freshen up the kitchen by opting for a light ceiling and flooring. Handleless doors will underline the clear lines of the kitchen furniture again. Integrate LED lighting and mount a green glass kitchen back wall. Decorate the kitchen with bonsai trees or other small plants. Complete! Futuristic kitchens have successfully established themselves in recent years. To achieve maximum effect, combine the black high-gloss kitchen with stainless steel elements.

Classic kitchen design – dark color scheme and still cozy?

Kitchen design kitchen glass cabinet light laminate floor

Dark classic Kitchen design looks cozy and inviting. The wooden cabinets with their traditional shape and the metal tiles on the back wall of the kitchen play a major role. Vintage furniture can be combined with natural stone slabs as flooring. Light laminate flooring and a rustic dining area add to the cosiness of the interior. The windows also play an important role – they should let enough daylight into the room. Vases, fruits and flowers will make the kitchen look inviting. If you don’t trust yourself to buy black cabinets, you can set accents with a black kitchen counter instead.

Modern kitchen

High-gloss kitchen dining area modern

Black wall in contrast to the white ceiling

Kitchen design black wood sloping ceiling large windows

Stylish black kitchen

Flooring laminate lamp glass wall

Lighting plays a big role in kitchen design

Kitchen design kitchen island metal tiles kitchen back wall

Dark wooden kitchen

Wooden island plants decoration modern

Vintage wooden furniture in the kitchen

warm dark kitchen fabric blinds

Dark kitchen in minimalist style

Kitchen modern design idea dark colors

Black kitchen in the Scandinavian style

black kitchen handleless wood cabinets

Dark kitchen in Feng Shui style

Kitchen decoration idea modern design chic

Modern kitchen – metal extractor hood as an accent in the interior

Kitchens design purist black

The glossy white rear wall of the kitchen refreshes the black kitchen

white modern kitchen wood brick wall

minimalist kitchen

white minimalist kitchen high gloss