Kitchen curtains – modern interior design ideas

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The kitchen is a warm, cozy and fragrant room where the entire household tends to eat something delicious. Of course, we wish to decorate this beloved place in such a way that it becomes even more cozy. Therefore, without curtains, the kitchen will look incomplete and faceless. the Kitchen curtains create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

colorful kitchen curtains

kitchen-curtains-modern-light-green-blue-corner-cushion-upholstery-colorKitchen curtains should match the overall style of the interior – classic, rustic, hi-tech or minimalist. Classic curtains, long curtains and short shabby chic curtains will look equally good in the modern kitchen. delicate floral motifs, light, translucent fabrics, and muted colors – any of these types of Kitchen curtains will help to underline the individuality of your kitchen.

fresh color in the kitchen – green kitchen curtains


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Simple and minimalist modern kitchen with white kitchen curtains

kitchen curtains-modern-white-kitchen-minimalist-stainless steel-gray-dining area

When choosing curtains, apart from your personal preferences, you should also consider the following factors:

– The shape and appearance of the window frame

– Dimensions and size of the room

– Special types of windows

– style of the interior

– The functional purpose of the building

Simple translucent white kitchen curtains for the window over the sink


Or choose the curtains so that they go together with the carpet – the pattern and color of the carpet are important (or vice versa, if you have already bought the carpet). This is not always easy, but the rule is: It should not only harmonize with the colors and designs, but also with style and texture.

 wonderful curtains

splendid curtains

short curtains in rural style


short curtains over the sink


colorful curtain kitchen



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