Keep built-in trash cans out of sight – modern ideas for your kitchen

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Placing the built-in trash can in the kitchen can be a real challenge at times. Most of the time we try to hide the rubbish bin in a suitable place without affecting the visual integrity of the room. There are several ways to hide a built-in trash can in the kitchen. However, the ideal solution often depends on the budget and design of your kitchen area. We strongly believe that there are some things that are best left out of sight. When someone comes over to visit, you definitely won’t want your trash can to grab their attention first. So it seems logical and aesthetically pleasing to stow the built-in trash can. In addition, such a design option for the kitchen means that you will not waste precious square meters in it.

Keeping kitchen trash in the closet under the sink doesn’t always turn out to be a good idea. In this guide we have some practical tips and tricks for hiding built-in trash cans that you can try out at home. First, let’s list some reasons why you shouldn’t just put the trash somewhere in the kitchen.

Built-in trash can – practical solution for your kitchen

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Leftovers that are left for more than a day start to stink and can add an unpleasant smell to the entire kitchen area. This is especially true for built-in trash cans that you cannot properly cover in the closet or elsewhere in the kitchen. Many people keep their litter bins in a closet to prevent their curious pets from getting inside. With a properly placed built-in trash can, your furry friends will have a difficult time getting into the dumpster.

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If you have decided on a pedal bin, you have probably already noticed that this option is rather uncomfortable and unsanitary. You can stow a waste bin with a lid behind the door. Then you would have to open and close the kitchen door every time you want to throw something away. The need to do this almost always happens when your hands get dirty or sticky. The end result will be, for example, peanut butter or batter, which is not ideal. Trying to find a bin for junk that will fit in your closet isn’t always an easy task. Obviously this one has to be small, and that’s not particularly helpful for everyday use.

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External garbage bags or other plastic containers are also not optimal variants. Above all, these look ugly and also limit the options. After all, you need to be able to make the most of the storage space in your cooking area. You can also maximize your floor space by using a built-in trash can. So you will also find space for other important things such as cleaning agents, reusable carrier bags or other kitchen accessories. Admittedly, a built-in trash can makes you forget to dispose of it every now and then. It’s not very pleasant if it stands full in the closet for a while. With a freestanding trash can, it’s hard to miss when it’s overflowing, which keeps you reminding you to throw it away.

Hide rubbish in built-in trash cans

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Depending on how much space you have in your kitchen and what the room looks like, you can find other ways to hide the kitchen waste elsewhere, or even decorate it to match the furnishings. The humble built-in trash can doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it deserves. While under-sink storage is a standard option, it is definitely a good idea to research more ideas before making a decision. We encourage creativity and for this reason have tried to come up with a number of different designs and concepts that we hope you will inspire.

Built-in trash can as a hidden drawer in the kitchen island

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If you use your kitchen island for most of the prep work during cooking, it might come in handy to include a trash can somewhere. A pull-out drawer can come out of the side and be installed as a double. The advantage of such a placement is that the use of the kitchen worktop is made easier while the drawer can remain open. It can even be handy to have more than one pull-out built-in trash can in the kitchen. You can position these strategically by installing one near the sink and the other, for example, next to the oven or your usual place for preparation. That way, you don’t have to go around making a mess. If you’re not a fan of drawers because of a lack of space in your kitchen or for any other reason, you can also use a fold-out built-in trash can.

Separate waste bins for selective waste collection

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If you are planning a change in relation to your kitchen waste, you can take this opportunity to get rid of the trash in a bit more environmentally friendly way too. Recycling is easy with just a little effort and time. For this purpose, you can consider separate containers for plastic, paper and the usual residual waste. If you choose a pull-out drawer, you will likely have enough space for at least two litter bins. You can even make the drawer a little wider to get even more space if you like this idea.

Adapt the built-in trash can to the cabinet

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Trash bins are usually kept in the kitchen because that’s where they’re most useful. But what if you put a built-in trash can in the dining room, for example? That might come in handy, apart from the fact that this one will be out of place and not exactly pleasant to look at. However, this can be solved by hiding the container in a small closet as you can see in the photo above.

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Choosing a permanent place to put the garbage is sometimes not very easy, but you can place a mobile trash can in convenient places in the kitchen area instead. You can equip it with rollers and move it from place to place while you cook, clean or do other activities. If recycling is a part of your daily routine it would help to have an organized system in place. You can keep separate containers with labels organized in one of your kitchen corners, for example. You can of course adapt the design to your interior by coming up with cool ideas with your children.

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As mentioned above, many homeowners keep their trash cans in their closets. This placement is usually convenient, but not if you have to bend down to throw something away every time. It’s much easier to pull out the built-in trash can. Integrating the dumpster into the kitchen island can often be even better than keeping it under the sink. The island doesn’t even have to be big. In addition, this can be a repurposed cabinet that is small enough not to clutter the kitchen and still offer enough space for 2-fold waste separation.

Find the right place

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Instead of just choosing a few areas to keep your built-in trash can, just find the most convenient and practical place without worrying about what it looks like. You can cover the waste bin with a lid and make it look like a cupboard or a cute storage box. This practical option offers simple operation and, above all, an uncomplicated concept so that you do not have to put the thing together yourself.

Modern designs and concepts

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There isn’t much that you can use the space under the kitchen sink for other than some sort of storage. Since you also need space for a built-in garbage can, the choice has often already been made. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust your kitchen waste under the sink. IKEA’s Variiera bins use a sliding mechanism and can be integrated into pull-out drawers.

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Many of the modern built-in bins are designed to fit inside cabinets or drawers. Their designs are clean, minimalist and are perfect for environmentally conscious households, for example, where, together with the right kitchen furniture, they can make a large, stowed garbage can for your home. Some models can be operated manually or automatically. They are integrated in the housing and are available in different sizes. You can combine these as you wish, based on your kitchen design.

Hiding waste bins imaginatively

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Easy to install and very practical, some innovative designs ensure perfect order in the kitchen. You can have such built-in trash cans installed inside the cabinet. In this case, the opening is on the kitchen worktop and provides direct access from above. These systems are also equipped with running rails for more convenience during disposal.

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Another example of modern built-in garbage cans is this container, which is also integrated into the worktop. You can just slide the trash in while you prepare the food. There is a lid that covers the trash can and which you can practically put aside to expose the built-in trash can. It’s a cleverly designed workspace for the kitchen that even has a built-in herb planter. After you’ve finished cutting and peeling, simply wipe the leftovers straight into the built-in bin with a single movement.

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The waste bins integrated directly into the kitchen countertop are worthwhile and worth an investment, especially if you are the type who cooks every day. If you really want to recycle and be environmentally friendly, a built-in trash can that can turn organic waste from the kitchen into fertilizer for just 24 hours might be an interesting suggestion for you. This is called Zera Food Recycler and can be placed in your own kitchen where it can compost the organic waste.