Italian design kitchen Kora offers flexible kitchen planning


A place for entertaining cooking lessons should provide not only comfortable work surfaces but also inspiring cooking experiences and be designed according to your taste. And here the best kitchen solution: the modern, stylish and innovative Kora line by Cesar is revolutionizing the world of kitchens with its versatility. The traditional and simple kitchens with the boring repetitive cabinet modules are a thing of the past. Anyone who values ​​original kitchen solutions will meet Cora Design kitchen exactly the right choice! Take a look at some of the possible variations here!

Laminate and solid wood kitchens in different designs


The Italian furniture brand Cesar meets the high demands of customers with its diverse product catalog. Even the Cora kitchen series is presented in a colorful selection of individual designs with a wide variety of colors and materials. The quality in the smallest detail is the most important characteristic of the Cora Design line.

A kitchen with personality


Kora is really worth seeing. The cabinets, shelves and furniture elements are available in various dimensions and surface finishes. They offer greater freedom of design and imaginative combination options that exactly reflect your taste. Color accents in bright tones complete the appearance. If desired, the material or color contrast can be emphasized.

Modern design kitchen made of solid oak

Modern-kitchen-island-solid wood-american-oak-wood laminate

Kora Design kitchen Assembles like a puzzle and offers enough space for kitchen utensils and a comfortable cooking surface. Whether in laminate wood or in high-gloss lacquer, the cabinet modules trace the contours of the room and allow the kitchen and living rooms to flow into one another.

White lacquer kitchen 


Kora Design kitchen forms the center of your living space and brings the Italian lifestyle with you!

Laminate kitchen Kora in light wood tone


Elegant Kora kitchen by Cesar – an eye catcher


Clarion equipment in the cooking area

Kora-wooden-kitchen-with-flexible-concept-design-Italian-Cesar-kitchen furniture

Modern kitchen with island made of solid wood 

Laminate-kitchen-with-island-integrated-hobs-bar stools

The arrangement of the cabinets reflects the individual taste

Laminate-fitted kitchen-design-cabinet-modules-diverse-versions

Simple design, characterized by color accents in flaming orange

Solid wood kitchen-oak-dark-open-shelves-colored-bright-orange

Laminate kitchen Kora in white with island


Laminate kitchen-ash wood-white-lacquered-high-gloss finish-cooking island

lacquer-laminate-kitchen-ash wood-white-island-extractor hood-stainless steel