Ideas for wall design in the kitchen with your own signature


According to a study, Germans spend an average of two hours a day in the kitchen – out of a total of eight hours at home. That in itself is a sufficient reason to make yourself comfortable there. There are various options for this: with an appealing furniture design, improved lighting conditions and delicious scents, you can give the room a very special charm. But you must not neglect the aesthetic aspects of the wall design – this shows up as a design framework and inspiring backdrop for cooking experiments. Let yourself be inspired by the following ideas for wall design in the kitchen!

Ideas for wall design in the kitchen – effective and surprisingly practical


The kitchen is the new center of life. A creative and imaginative wall design in the kitchen ensures a breath of fresh air and a good mood. Here is a great idea: black chalk boards on the kitchen walls are becoming increasingly popular. It is perfect for painting, taking notes or writing motivational sayings. With a fancy chandelier and doormat in a bright color, you can also provide highlights and a cozy atmosphere for cooking or dining.

Living with color – ideas for wall design in the kitchen


Experience the fascination of colorful living! You can convey a particularly appealing atmosphere through the use of colors that please the eye and stimulate the appetite – these are red, yellow and orange in bright or pastel shades. Turn meals into a daily feast.


Wall design with natural materials

Enjoy a unique feel-good atmosphere with rural charm – a rustic wall paneling with wooden floorboards or a wall wallpaper that imitates the wood look contribute to a special ambience.


Wooden floorboards with chipped paint


The black board would be a great eye-catcher

Corner kitchen-dark-wood-island-countertop-marble-wall-stone-rustic

Ideas for wall design of the kitchen with stone

stainless steel-kitchen-oven-extractor-hood-wall-design-brick-raw-optics

Stone masonry as a design element

kitchen-wall-design-ideas-framed-pictures-photographs-picture wall

Give the kitchen a personal touch



Kitchen wall as a design highlight



kitchen-stainless steel-refrigerator-solid wood-countertop-back wall-tiles



Kitchen block-cupboards-wall design-white-ceramic tiles-glazed