Highlights of the modern kitchens from SALVARANI


SALVARANI are one of the most popular and popular designers among the Italian audience and fans of modern kitchen design. The SALVARANI team consists of several masters who prefer originality and beauty to compactness and simplicity in today’s modern kitchens. So, if you have just come across this article, don’t hesitate. Take a quick look at these impressive projects and you will be amazed by their design and real style.

The modern kitchens from Salvarani – glamorous design with a cooking island


All modern kitchens by SALVARANI are furnished with their own furniture. Besides the best designers from modern kitchens, SALVARANI are also manufacturers of the finest furniture in Europe. And maybe in the world too. The company usually produces wooden dining tables and chairs with interesting motifs and an unusual construction. SALVARANI kitchen cabinets and worktops are solid and functional to be looked after and tidied up.

Modern kitchens with stainless steel dominance from SALVARANI


the modern kitchens from SALVARANI are mostly in black and white. The designers of this Italian studio are real lovers of contrast in interior design. Surfaces such as the floor, the ceiling and the walls are usually simple and neutral in color and materials. But the additional elements in their modern kitchens add some eccentric accents – Vanguard chandeliers, antique vases or ceramic plates or even an ikebana.

Contrast between stainless steel and wood


New technologies and innovations are of great importance for SALVARANI, when it comes to the modern kitchens goes. In addition to manufacturing and providing the most comfortable and environmentally friendly furniture, the company is always well informed about the latest trends in kitchen appliances and accessories. The Italian designers bring them all under one roof in theirs modern kitchens and thus the perfect kitchen comes true.


modern kitchen with wood design by Salvarani


Modern kitchen furniture from SALVARANI


Kitchen design with walnut by Salvarani


white kitchen cabinets and dark wood kitchen bench




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