Furnishing tips for small kitchens – 30 great ideas and pictures

Small kitchens are cozy and inviting, but have one drawback. The small room that needs to be designed as functional and visually appealing as possible. The solution lies in careful planning and the clever choice of furniture, colors and decorations so that your small space does not look cramped and dark. If you are looking for Furnishing tips for small kitchens then check out these interesting examples that make the most of what little space there is. See for yourself that a small kitchen can be beautiful and functional at the same time.

furnishing tips country style idea kitchen island wall niche shelf cream color

Furnishing tips – Make the small kitchen look bigger

furnishing tips wood cabinets mirror tiles blue modern

To visually enlarge the small kitchen, you need to choose furniture and tiles of light colors. Dark colors make the room look smaller, while light colors bring more light into the room. Choose a white kitchen unit with clean lines and a glass splash guard. The light is reflected in the glass and makes the kitchen appear larger. Another interesting idea would be glass shelves with additional LED lighting or a mirror as decoration.

Furnishing tips and matching furniture

furnishing tips corner seating small kitchen dining table parquet checkered pattern black wall

Furniture is often made to measure for small kitchens. This is a more expensive solution than buying a ready-made kitchen unit, but offers the option of arranging the furniture according to your individual needs. The L- and U-shaped kitchen units are a good idea because there is often space left for a dining counter. Choose built-in appliances and several wall cabinets so that the space up to the ceiling is optimally used.

Setting up a small kitchen – Tips for room layout and colors

Clever furnishing of the small kitchen – variants & Tips for the best use of space

Setting up small kitchens – tips and ideas for the floor plan

Lighting in the small kitchen

furnishing tips scandinavian light wood tile mirror 3d effect kitchen

The lighting in a small kitchen is very important because the clever placement of the lights can create interesting effects. Forego the large hanging lamps and install LED strips and recessed lights that look elegant and take up less space.

Set up an open kitchen

furnishing tips kitchen small wall niche white furniture yellow green accents

The open design makes small rooms appear larger. The eat-in kitchen allows the cook to prepare the dishes and at the same time to chat with the guests in the living room. The disadvantage of this open concept is the need to create perfect order in the kitchen, because everything is “in sight”.

white eat-in kitchen with dining bar and purple glass splash guard as an accent


small white kitchen with island

furnishing tips-small-kitchen-ideas-kitchen-row-small-island-dining-counter-wood-countertop

Wooden cabinet fronts and white worktop


three rows of wall units for more storage space

furnishing-tips-small-kitchen-ideas-l-shape-kitchen-row-dining area

Rearranging the furniture in the dining area


 design in a rustic country house style

small-kitchen-furnishing-ideas-rustic-natural-stone-back wall

romantic country style

Furnish a small kitchen-country-style-cream-color-small-dining area

Modern kitchen in light colors and glass surfaces

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-light-gray-yellow-glass-splash protection

Or maybe open the kitchen to the living room?

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-for-living-room-open

Kitchen with a difference

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-dining-area-l-shaped-kitchen-row

Kitchen idea with dining table

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-dining-area-cream-brown


Kitchen island and bar counter in one

furnishing tips-small-kitchen-ideas-l-shape-kitchen-row-dining-counter-white-glass-eating stitch

U-shaped kitchen-cum-living room

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-dining-counter-white-worktop-dark-cabinet-fronts

open kitchen small room

furnishing tips-small-kitchen-ideas-light-wood-optics-cabinet fronts-dining counter

Table solution for very small kitchens

furnishing tips-small-kitchen-ideas-wood-dining-counter-shelves-wall niches

furnishing tips-small-kitchen-ideas-l-shape-kitchen-row-red-white-tiles-back wall

small eat-in kitchen with bar counter

furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-city-apartment-deco-wood-brick

narrow kitchen


furnishing tips small-kitchen-ideas-kitchen-row-dining-area-modern


small-kitchen-kitchen-row-white-green-dining counter



small-kitchen-design-pure-white-built-in-cupboards-appliances-glass-splash protection