Finding the right refrigerator – tips and trendsetters in the kitchen

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If you want to buy a refrigerator, it is no longer so easy today, as there are countless innovations and models for very different requirements. But at the same time you can revolutionize your own kitchen and upgrade it optically. What are you looking for when you buy a refrigerator? We have prepared tips and trends for you.

A few basic decisions should be made before buying a refrigerator:

– I want a fridge and freezer in one?

– It is worth buying an American model with storage space for the extended family, i.e. a two-door model?

– Is environmental compatibility and thus energy efficiency important to me?

– I want a built-in refrigerator?

– I’m looking for the latest technology, that is, a refrigerator with an internet connection that can communicate with my smartphone?

No, that’s not a joke. In the past few years at the technology fairs repeatedly shown refrigerators with touchpads or integrated tablets that communicate with their users via wifi. That does not mean that we simply buy a refrigerator that does the shopping for us – that is still a long way off at the moment. But you can send us photos of the contents of the cupboard on your mobile phone and let us know which products are about to expire or are about to be empty. If we just can’t think of a good menu for our evening rendezvous, that’s no problem for our fridge, which provides us with fixed recipes. All provided, of course, that we have entered the set products manually on the touchpad beforehand.

Samsung Smart Fridge

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Above all, the companies Samsung and LG have developed models in this direction in recent years, for example the RF4289 (Samsung) and Smart ThinQ (LG). At this year’s CES, for example, LG also came up with a foot sensor which, when activated, opens the refrigerator door. The question remains whether the house dog or cat also discovers the trick after he or she has seen us operate …

In any case, the communication between smartphones and smart homes opens up completely new possibilities and it will be interesting to see how these things will develop. In any case, there has so far been hardly any demand for such high-tech devices in Germany. The market launch in the USA remains to be seen.

How to find the right refrigerator

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The decision to buy a built-in refrigerator does not necessarily depend on whether the appropriate kitchen is also available. This can just as well be free-standing in the kitchen.

However, whether it is a model with or without a freezer compartment makes a huge difference. On the one hand, the variant with the integrated freezer compartment consumes more electricity and is therefore less energy efficient. On the other hand, it quickly reaches its capacity limit. Except for small frozen food, there is hardly any space, especially not for storing and stocking pre-cooked food. Sometimes it even means that the actual refrigerator space is shrinking as a result. Of course, in some households there is simply a lack of space to set up more than one device.

If there is a lack of space, however, it is more advisable to choose a higher device in which both areas are clearly separated by separate doors and which offers more capacity. The separate doors avoid the additional energy expenditure mentioned above. In this area, you can get one comparatively cheaply Buy refrigerator.

Side-by-side refrigerator


Large families or families in areas far from the supermarket may look for much larger models. It should be said that there are also so-called “side by side” refrigerators, that is, one side houses the refrigerator, the other the freezer. It is a double-door, which of course offers a lot more storage space. This refrigerator model originally comes from the USA and also often has a water dispenser and an ice dispenser – whether crushed ice or cube is available – on the freezer side. For such extras, however, a permanent water connection is also required.

A side-by-side refrigerator is, for example, the RS7528THCSLEF from Samsung. Its stainless steel look is elegant and timeless. It has a temperature controller on the outer door. The integrated multi-flow system cools in a special way: the vegetable compartment is supplied with higher humidity than the other compartments. This means that fruits and vegetables stay fresh for much longer. However, it does not have an ice dispenser.

LG GS 9366 NECZ with bar compartment


Also the No Frost system from LG is concerned with the appropriate cooling performance. The aim of this system is to enable uniform cooling; it makes defrosting superfluous and hygienic. The LG GS 9366 NECZ, for example, has this extra.

Some devices even have a bar compartment. Having the drinks at hand in this way is a luxury that many users are happy to put up with. One such specialist is Samsung’s model RS7778FHCSLEF Side-by-Side, which therefore offers really extensive convenience.

Luxury kitchen with integrated refrigerator

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In terms of price, of course, you pay for the luxury. On the other hand, you can save yourself a lot of driving after a single bulk purchase. On the other hand, the car with the smart refrigerator that you order yourself could become superfluous in the future …

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