Eye-catching designer extractor hoods from Elica for the modern kitchen


Who thought that Design cooker hoods can be so attractive? The Italian company Elica has turned these devices into real art pieces for the modern kitchen. If you look at the photos below, you would understand that this statement is not at all an exaggeration. The collection presents modern shapes and glamorous finishes.

modern design extractor hoods

design-extractor hoods-modern-elica-kitchen-white-beige-kitchen counter-kitchen island-gas stove

design-extractor-hoods-modern-elica-kitchen-white-beige-stainless steel-open-living room

So if you have limited space in the kitchen or have very high design standards, then you will find the solution here. Most products come with built-in lights, remote controls and washable metal filters. They can be easily mounted on the wall or ceiling and are very quiet. The island hoods look like attractive pendant lights made of black glass, stainless steel or decorated with crystals.

Design extractor hoods with an eye-catching look

design-extractor hoods-modern-elica-kitchen-white-kitchen fronts-petroll-blue-scandinavian-wooden floor

design-extractor hoods-modern-elica-kitchen-white-worktop-kitchen wall-mosaic-tiles-kitchen fronts-blue

Among the jewels in the crown of Elica belong Legend, a circular island hood and star, a crystal ball made of glass prisms. Om and Space introduce a futuristic design. They could easily be mistaken for wall clocks. For those with limited space, the collection offers some compact designs and downdraft options. There is also something suitable for those who want a bit of color – Ola comes with a stainless steel shade, but with a red or blue interior, Jigsaw has colorful buttons and Evoque – the little orange square.

legend design extractor hood elica chrome eye-catching design

tiffany extractor hood white glass wall mounting white modern kitchen

star modern extractor hood crystals round island hood elica

modern Om wall hood

wall hood modern elica om square wall mounting

interesting wall hood in stone look 

Stone hood lamp integrated elica modern

Island hood like crystal lampstar cooker hood island sphere crystals

minimalistic round shape

space design extractor hood round black lighting

compact design

orange extractor hood striking design white kitchen elica

Wall hood made of black glass

om black extractor hood glass modern design elica

perfect for white kitchens

om extractor hood modern wall-mounted white kitchen

Olympus extractor hood

olympus design extractor hoods elica design futuristic modern

Mueldenlueftung elica hotplate island hood kitchen

modern island hood elica design juliette pearl

modern extractor hood glide lighting compact

legend design extractor hoods island hood chrome round shape elica

jigsaw design extractor hood colorful buttons elica wall

elica star extractor hood crystals shiny design

elica eagle downdraft ventilation modern kitchen

elica design extractor hood white chrome square wall hood

design extractor hood wall white flat tiffany

design extractor hood wall hood elica kitchen kitchen island

design extractor hoods wall elica space black

design extractor hoods victoria crystals metal elegant

design cooker hoods wave elica metal light

design cooker hoods star crystals elegant elica

design extractor hoods ola elica metal blue inside

design extractor hood island hood elica chrome gloss

design extractor hood grace lamp shape white

clip wall hood white red square modern kitchen elica

bubble design cooker hood wall lighting hotplate