Exclusive kitchen design – Snaidero Studio shows its best

unusual-kitchen-design-white-dark blue

Almost ten years have already passed when Snaidero Studio took the first steps in modern kitchen design. The Italian designers have learned a lot since then and also shared experience with their colleagues. Skills to design amazing kitchens. Each exclusive kitchen design von Snaidero immediately attracts your attention and enchants you.

Exclusive kitchen design – compact kitchen with marble and glass kitchen counter


With the aim of having enough movement in the rooms, the workers at Snaidero create exclusive kitchen design. As a result, the designers have developed two alternatives – small and large kitchen furniture for their portfolio of luxury kitchens. Some of these pieces of furniture are compact tables with built-in cabinets, others are modular kitchen cabinets that can transform into a countertop.

Exclusive kitchen design by Snaidero


Each exclusive kitchen design by Snaidero creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They house glamorous and avant-garde luxury kitchen furniture, but decorated with simple decoration and elements. The classic style is easily mentioned, with green plants in traditional flower pots, cute ceramics with beautiful retro vases. The beautiful and original kitchens by Snaidero Studio are decorated with fresh colors and are reminiscent of spring magic and summer sparks.

clever lighting under the kitchen unit

clever-lighting-under-kitchen unit

In order to save some space in their modern kitchen, the designers from Snaidero use light materials such as bamboo wood for the tables and the kitchen cabinets. Or plastic for the chairs with some light, soft cushions or damask. With such a type of luxury kitchen furniture, the rooms will visually look more spacious. They create the illusion that you are out somewhere, not locked in front of the stove in your home.


 exclusive kitchen by Snaidero with marble worktop


simple-kitchen-design-snaidero  Snaidero-studio-exclusive-kitchen-design

white kitchen by Snaidero with a classic look


golden walls in the luxury kitchen

golden walls luxury kitchen  exclusive-kitchen-design-dark-wood