Engraved wooden chopping board gives the kitchen a kick

Give beech wood lemon onion engraved surface

Here comes a super cool gift idea – the engraved one Wooden cutting board gives every kitchen that extra something. The cutting board looks so original indeed, it can also be used as a serving table.

Wooden cutting board – cool gift idea

Periodic table beautiful gift idea table plate kitchen

A gift with sentimental value that is practical at the same time is difficult to find. But this one Wooden cutting board combines functionality and creativity in one design. Prepared by Elysium Woodworks, the cutting board can be engraved according to your own project. It can be made from maple, white oak, beech or walnut wood. Here are just a few of the ideas that have been realized – the periodic table, the solar system, a map with accurately displayed coordinates. Regardless of which variant you choose, one thing is certain – the cutting board is a real eye-catcher!

Wooden cutting board – the periodic table

Periodic table beautiful engraving ideas gift easter

The solar system engraved on the cutting board

Cutting board engraves personal gift idea beautifully original

Cool and funny gift idea – engraved cutting board according to your project

label engrave beautiful gift oak wood

Kitchen accessories – cutting board with sentimental value

Vegetable original idea engraved kitchen accessories

Wooden cutting board – for all hobby quivers

Pumpkins onion cut gift idea table kitchen

Idea oak wood cutting board bacon onion pumpkins

Cutting board wood onion cut kitchen accessories original