Elegant designer egg cups as a decoration on the table


Every housewife wants to have something new at home, but it should be practical and suitable for family needs. Here we present the elegant and at the same time useful Designer egg cups from modules.

The designer egg cups at the table


You are sure to have egg cups made of different shapes and materials in your kitchen cupboard. The children also design some for Easter because the egg cups can also be tinkered with. But what about Designer egg cups, namely those that consist of the same, assemblable elements.

The designer egg cups from Formknast


the Designer egg cups, The Formknast presents are elegant and not at all traditional. They look great on the table with their own charisma, and if you don’t need them at the moment, they can easily be put in a box. Each egg cup consists of three parts that fit together and form a stylish holder when assembled. These Designer egg cups have transparent blue color and are the best decoration for your table, especially if you like blue. They are made of translucent acrylic glass and do not break easily. The egg cups are actually not cups, but chic glass rosettes that decorate the table even without eggs.

The sympathetic rosette


With or without an egg – it depends on your diet


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