Designing an integrated wine rack in the kitchen – 20 practical ideas

wine rack in the kitchen cross shape minimalist indirect lighting

When it comes to planning the kitchen, there are many factors to consider. This applies to the number of open and closed cabinets, to the built-in devices and other things. If you are a lover of wine, then this is an integrated one Wine rack in the kitchen just right for you. And for this purpose, a wide variety of modern options are available to you. On the one hand, of course, it depends on how many bottles you want to stow away at once.

Wine rack in the kitchen – many design ideas

wine rack kitchen integrated white modern dark wood cabinets rustic

Regarding the design for the wine rack in the kitchen, you can choose narrow and long, but also wide variants. In most cases, they are stowed at an angle in a lying position. But you can also integrate a wine rack into the kitchen, where the bottles stand and the glasses can be hung underneath.

Wine rack in the kitchen – 20 inspirations

wine rack kitchen showcase wine bottles steel white cupboards

The pictures in our gallery today are intended to illustrate exactly these different options for the wine rack in the kitchen and in this way serve as inspiration. Choose the perfect design for your future kitchen and create an interesting highlight.

Highlight the kitchen with the wine rack

wine rack kitchen metal cabinet showcase kitchen island black modern tiles wood optics

For the wine rack in the kitchen, use one of the sides of the cupboard that is otherwise hardly noticeable and is not used. The wine bottles are arranged in a modern and precise manner, whereby the shelf can store a large number.

Side wine rack

wine rack kitchen white tiled mirror gray nuances mosaic narrow

Here, too, the side area was used for the wine rack in the kitchen. There is even space for a closet underneath. The white design of the kitchen, combined with narrow mosaic tiles in gray nuances for the tiled mirror, makes the room appear extremely modern.

Rustic kitchen

wine rack kitchen rustic design mediterranean wine glasses hang

A wine rack is especially good in a rustic or Mediterranean kitchen. In this example of a wine rack in the kitchen, the shelf takes up the entire wall between two cabinets and thus offers a lot of storage space. There are also shelves for the wine glasses.

Narrow, inconspicuous wine rack

wine rack in the kitchen narrow design modern dining table white

This wine rack in the kitchen is designed very inconspicuously. It is located in a corner of the kitchen island and has a slim and subtle design.

Breakfast table with wine rack

wine rack in the kitchen white light gray breakfast counter u shape

The area under the breakfast bar or another attached table can be used wonderfully for a narrow wine rack in the kitchen like this one. It is an interesting accent without taking up much space.

Professional kitchen

wine rack kitchen modern hobby cooks concrete optics wall

If you are a hobby cook, this kitchen might be a great idea for you. In addition to several ovens, it also offers a spacious wine rack in the middle with space to hang up the glasses and a shelf for pouring the wine. A real dream of a wine rack in the kitchen.

Wine rack with different compartments

wine rack kitchen irregularly shelves kitchen island semicircle original

This kitchen wine rack divides the work area into two parts. The shelf itself is divided in an interesting way and offers compartments for lying down, but also for setting up the wine bottles, as well as those for stowing the glasses.

Wine rack and log countertop

wine rack kitchen tree trunk countertop kitchen island modern rustic

The white, geometrically evenly divided wine rack in the kitchen is particularly well highlighted by the equally remarkable worktop made of dark wood in a tree trunk look. The simple design ensures that the shelf looks interesting even when empty.

Kitchen equipment

wine rack kitchen wall design brick modern furnishing

A brick wall is an interesting accent in itself. But if you also use this for integrated cupboards or shelves, the original effect is enhanced. That is also the case with this wine rack in the kitchen. It consists of cross compartments, an ordinary shelf and a variant of square compartments.

Hang up wine glasses in the kitchen

wine rack kitchen small idea counter fridge cocktails

This small kitchen has an elongated, narrow wine rack that offers the opportunity to hang up the wine glasses underneath. This creates a small bar with a wine rack in the kitchen, which also has enough space to prepare various cocktails.

Dark kitchen

wine rack kitchen cross design wood fridge tiles

Here you have another design with a cross pattern, only this time smaller compartments have been created this way. The advantage here is that each bottle can be easily removed without disturbing other bottles lying on it. Right next to the wine rack in the kitchen is a small refrigerator for cooling the wine.

Original shape for the subjects

wine rack kitchen kitchen island design modern lighting idea

Who said that the wine rack in the kitchen must have a typical square or rectangular shape? Design a modern variant like this one and also ensure effective lighting.

Wine rack in the kitchen island

wine rack kitchen round openings idea kitchen island white wall color salmon

Have the wine rack built into the kitchen island in the kitchen. Either way, this serves as additional storage space so that you don’t have to give up valuable space from the kitchen cupboards. This also means that you always have the wine to hand.

Idea when there is little space

wine rack kitchen horizontal narrow kitchen island white traditional design

If you only have a very narrow area to design the wine rack in the kitchen, you can also design it this way. The bottles are simply arranged horizontally and horizontally. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, the shelf looks very attractive.

Make the wine rack in the kitchen eye-catching

wine rack in the kitchen narrow contrasting colors black and white bar chairs

If you want a small or narrow wine rack in the kitchen to stand out, you can choose a contrasting color for the design. For this purpose, a white color was chosen for this dark kitchen island.

Original wine rack idea

wine rack kitchen eclectic design recycle wood wall design red

The modern kitchen has a particularly interesting design for the wine rack. For this, old wood was recycled. The bottle necks are inserted through the wooden board into the wall, which serves as a support. In this way, the wine rack in the kitchen looks like a mural and comes into its own thanks to the red wall.

Traditional style cuisine

wine rack kitchen traditional design bright wood room divider idea showcases

A kitchen with a classic design is almost incomplete without a wine rack. The wine rack in the kitchen has a columnar shape and goes wonderfully with the display cabinets. This part of the kitchen is wonderfully suitable as a room divider, which still makes the living area appear open.