Designing a modern kitchen – design, materials and equipment

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The modern kitchens are made of high quality materials, they have richly equipped modular systems of the latest generation. Modern kitchen Designing means producing high-class kitchens from environmentally friendly materials of high quality so that all kinds of products can be easily prepared here. You have a rich modular system of cabinets that enable a variety of storage solutions. Good kitchens are equipped with the latest tools and modern accessories, which makes them very practical and sustainable for a long time.

Modern Kitchen- What are the latest trends in the kitchen?


In the modern kitchen at home, the dining and living room are often combined in a common area, which is why modular systems are the best solution there. They offer you a lot of open space, enough space for a built-in TV, there you have the oven, which can be hidden by sliding doors, falling worktops, hidden hotplates, etc.. Modern kitchen with Italian design is a leader in all areas of fashion. The kitchens have a unique relationship to detail, an innate sense of aesthetics and the combination of materials. In addition, they are talented cooks, and the kitchen is a sacred place for them.

Modern kitchen – which materials are currently in demand and popular in kitchen manufacture?

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 You can’t mark specific materials because new ones keep popping up. The traditional fabrics are laminate, MDF, solid wood, metal and glass, but as I said, there are also new, modern fabrics and combinations. The modern kitchen is made with special attention to the quality of the material, no matter what it is exactly.

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What mechanisms are used?

Blum mechanisms are used in well-designed and modern kitchens. This Austrian company has proven itself to be a proven market leader in the manufacture of furniture fittings. Your hinges already show two speed levels, time to open and close doors, which can be set according to customer requirements. Their mechanisms even make it easy to open the door, taking into account that everyone is too busy cooking and has their hands full.

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Which kitchen design is best?

Corner, U-shaped or linear kitchen – which shape is the best? Many homeowners are sure to ask this before they start renovating their kitchens. If space allows you, the experts say that the best configuration is the U-shape, because this way you have everything at hand and the space between the devices can be used to the full. This makes any kitchen practical and comfortable, which, of course, is a great advantage for the design.


Is there a standard height in the kitchen?

The heights in the Italian kitchen are often from 2.19 to 2.43 m, but the modular kitchen system gives you more freedom and you can reach different heights. If you are designing or renovating your own kitchen now, you must first consider your personal needs. Your lifestyle is of course particularly important, for example how often do you cook in principle, how big is your family and how many people will use the kitchen? These are specific requirements that cannot be ignored. Then, based on this information and the free space you have available, you can have a kitchen project drawn up. Stick to aesthetics and practicality and you’ll have a modern kitchen at home!

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