Design mini kitchen Mina – the iconic kitchen island in small format

Design mini kitchen Mina white-storage-space-freestanding-extractor-hood-minacciolo

You already know the iconic black kitchen island made of steel by the Italian company Minacciolo. It was first introduced in 2012 and has since been offered in several versions – Mina Home, Mina Professional, Mina Limited Edition and…. Mini Mina! the Design mini kitchen combines tradition and technology in a small kitchen island. It is a unique design object that is practical and functional. Even in the smallest of spaces you can cook, do the dishes and keep a lot of kitchen utensils and pots hidden away. The coolest thing about this mini kitchen is also the foldable plates, which offer additional storage and breakfast space for two.

Design mini kitchen Mina by Minacciolo

Design mini kitchen Mina white-hotplate-sink-pull-outs-storage space

The basic version is equipped with large pull-outs, a sink and a hotplate, but it can certainly also be upgraded with other devices. Small but packed, the mini kitchen is a real design object for everyday use.

Design mini kitchen with folding tables

Design mini kitchen Mina folding-plate-side-breakfast area

The kitchen island structure and the drawer fronts can be made of embossed black steel or HDF panels in different colors. The brackets on the sides and the handles are made of painted steel in the same color as the fronts.

the kitchen island only takes up 1.3 square meters

Design mini kitchen Mina dimensions-white-surface-gray-worktop

The worktop can be worked with a tile effect in steel or brass (soldered by hand), zinc steel, satin steel, cocciopesto and cement in different colors. The small kitchen island in white with a gray worktop looks really light and fits harmoniously into every kitchen.

black hanging lamps in industrial style above the white kitchen island


comfortable breakfast place for two on the kitchen island

Design mini kitchen Mina breakfast place-foldable-plate-white

Sink and faucet in black


foldable breakfast table


enough space to prepare the food


Mini kitchen equipped with sink and hotplate


Painted steel bar


You can find more information on the manufacturer’s official website: Minacciolo