Creative design of an Art Deco kitchen


Art deco kitchen design is not difficult to achieve. Art Deco is important for minimalist concepts and has clean, sleek lines. This means an elegant kitchen with popping design elements. Here are some things to consider when designing your own Art Deco kitchen.

Art deco kitchen

Art deco kitchen flower wall decor


Linoleum was very popular in kitchens. Lots of people have replaced it, but it still makes sense in an Art Deco kitchen. You can find interesting geometric patterns in linoleum, and the floor is usually much cheaper than other types of flooring.


Kitchen cabinets in the Art Deco kitchen

Choose cabinets that look very simple, with simple hardware. The inconspicuous the kitchen cabinet, the better the design. The cabinets should be a simple color and paint job. You can use the cabinets you already have as long as they don’t have anything really fancy on them.


Mosaic elements

Use lots of interesting colors and patterns with tiles. You can introduce different geometric shapes and paint them, or just different patterns with bright colors. Add an interesting tile mirror. Deco designs use a few elements of bright colors to make it look even more interesting.


The wow effect

The most important thing in an Art Deco kitchen is eye-catching. Pick an item that everyone would marvel at. Regardless of whether it is a tile mirror, a chandelier, a splash of color or an object with an unusual shape … it must immediately catch the eye and create a WOW effect.


An Art Deco kitchen is not expensive to design. In most cases, you can use what you already have and just add a few extra items. It makes your kitchen look bright, clean and pleasant.

different colors and shapes

Art Deco kitchen-different-colors-shapes

pink kitchen cabinets


fresh design blue and green


white interior and bar stool

Art deco kitchen white kitchen stool steel elements

Briefcase with a suspended ceiling