Country style kitchen stove – 4 designs by J.Corradi

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The traditional perception of wood stoves is that they really are not helping to conserve the planet’s resources. Although this opinion has been widespread since the early 19th century, we would totally agree with it. But thanks to innovative design techniques and improved efficiency, the Country style kitchen stove become much more environmentally friendly and versatile. From the house J. Corradi Four fabulous new collections of wood burning systems have been presented, which will change your perception of these classic kitchen appliances far beyond, because they combine efficiency, aesthetics and culinary magic in a very elegant way!

Here you can see a number of free-standing and built-in stoves, with which the J. Corradi team presents the timeless appeal of wooden stoves, which can give any ambience a special aura. From modern to rustic, here’s a closer look at these warming devices!

Country style kitchen stove – Neo

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A combination of traditional cooking techniques with wood and a low flame on the one hand, with a stylish, modern lifestyle and a feeling of trendy minimalism on the other hand, has resulted in Neos, the perfect wood-burning system for the contemporary home. The cooker’s clean design coupled with the use of simple, straight lines and a lack of intricate patterns mean that the Neos collection can easily blend in with the other appliances in your existing kitchen. So you can feel pleasant warmth up to 6 hours after the device was last charged. Neos can be integrated with your existing heating system and heat the entire house in the cold months.

Country-style kitchen stove – sophisticated and classic

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The next model from Country style kitchen stove is called Country Range and is characterized by its enamelled metal plates in different colors, which give the general system an antique brass finish. It is available in an astonishing variety of finishes, the Country Range series is for those who particularly appreciate the finer details in the design. Many of them would like to have a centrally placed stove that compliments the transitional or traditional style of the kitchen. This stove will warm your home very easily, it is arguably the best choice in its class in terms of durability, style and functionality.

Country-style kitchen stove Elegant and timeless rustica

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If there is one room in the contemporary home where the rustic theme is both natural and always welcome, that is of course the kitchen. Add a timeless, fiery glitter to this amazing atmosphere with the Rustica Range wood stoves, with their smooth metal surfaces in black and dark red they are eye-catching in every ambience. A vintage tile back wall, a beautiful wooden work station and a classic chandelier should elegantly complement this beautiful wooden delight. Available with a large 58 or 45 liter electric multifunctional oven, Rustica opens up a whole new decoration and culinary world in every kitchen!

Beautiful Borgo Antico

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With its vintage design elements, the Antico Borgo stove will take you back in time and remind you of the period when the kitchen was efficient and truly traditional. The ceramic cladding used on the doors of this wood stove gives us a feeling of uniqueness and authenticity. The brass and ceramic handles and knobs of the cooker are the icing on the cake, they really bring this design style home. With this model, the vintage and retro kitchens are celebrating a big comeback, because Borgo Antico brings back the 1920s, wrapped in modern efficiency.

And if the wood-burning stoves don’t suit your kitchen style, you can always opt for contemporary additions like the La Cornue free-standing induction hob. Then you can definitely design the kitchen of your dreams!

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