Compact single kitchen with a functional, open design

compact single kitchen wood adjustable height dirk biotto

If you take a closer look at a conventional kitchenette, you will see how problematic, unwieldy and even dangerous it can be for the elderly and physically disabled. Most would find it difficult to cook something for themselves. This complexity is a potential source of problems. The industrial designer Dirk Biotto from Berlin has his compact single kitchen designed to help these people.

Compact single kitchen made of alder wood

mini kitchen alder wood utensils visible tangible open design dirk biotto

The multifunctional ChopChop kitchen system impresses with its attractive, open design, where all utensils are visible and within easy reach and not hidden in drawers or cupboards. The most frequently used kitchen utensils hang on a perforated plate on the rear wall of the kitchen and the kitchen counter is height-adjustable. Washing heavy pots and pans is made easier thanks to a kitchen fitting with a pull-out hose shower and a slightly sloping sink. In this way you can also fill a pot with water and pull it out directly onto the worktop.

Compact single kitchen that impresses with the use of high-quality materials

compact single kitchen utensils visibly tangible dirk biotto

A milled slot in the countertop serves as a convenient place to cut bread, while a horizontally recessed grater makes grating carrots easier. The grated vegetables are collected in a small compartment underneath. Inspired by the workbenches, this one features compact single kitchen a bench hook for holding and tensioning bottles, glasses, tins and a knife for cutting harder vegetables. All in this well thought-out structure achieved to make every activity in the kitchen easier. The worktop is made of alder wood – a type of wood known for its natural tannic acid. It inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria. The design is not only modern and visually appealing, but also safe and functional.

horizontally embedded grater with compartment

single kitchen design alder wood worktop reiber dirk biotto

Cutting bread made easy

small kitchen modern design alder wood utensils visible dirk biotto

Kitchen faucet with pull-out hose shower

kitchen system sink hose shower designer dirk biotto

compact dish rack

mini kitchen design modern multifunctional wood worktop sink dirk biotto