Color Trends in the Kitchen for 2012 – Some Tips

Color trends-kitchen-2012-colorful-tiled-mirror-noble wood

The color is a feeling and it comes in many shades. Enjoy the convenience of your kitchen by following it Color trends in the kitchen for 2012 decorate. It’s about yellow, green, red, orange, purple and their variants. Choose the color that suits the style of your home and of course you enjoy the most. Of course, when choosing color combinations for your kitchen, you should be aware of what your goals are. What do you expect from the color of your kitchen? To comfort you, to give you mood, or just to impress your visitors? It doesn’t matter what the purpose would be, but we can help you with some tips.

Color trends in the kitchen for 2012 – The selection

white-kitchen-color game color trends in the kitchen for 2012

Psychologists believe that the color of the interior should be chosen by you, without seeking advice from others. When we take into account the fact that it is through the decor of your home that people express themselves, that statement sounds logical. First, choose a base color that works best for you. Then you can compile a complete color scheme based on that color. Then you can enrich this color scheme in accordance with the goal you want.

Color trends in the kitchen for 2012 – contrasts

light green-light blue-combination-white-kitchen

You can rely on contrast, which can be very effective as a detail in the kitchen interior. For example, a yellow table will look great in your green kitchen. Such combinations can give you positive energy. Just choose contrasting colors. These are the colors that become black in their clustering. Here are two good options: successfully combining the green color with red, or the yellow color with purple, for example.

Color trends in the kitchen for 2012 – use different shades

dark red-kitchen-cupboards-white-dining-furniture

The mix of different shades looks very impressive in the interior. Monochromatic colors or hues are a combination of lightness and saturation in just one color. Benefit from these effects. Such an arrangement in the room creates a relaxed atmosphere. This can help you create a really nice kitchen.

teal blue and red seating


colorful kitchen cabinets and counters

Color trends-kitchen-2012-colorful-kitchen-cupboards-counters

purple accent wall kitchen

purple-lilac accent wall kitchen

turquoise blue precious wood

Color trends-kitchen-2012-turquoise-blue-noble wood

Pastel pink orange

Color trends-kitchen-2012-pastel-pink-orange  Color trends-kitchen-2012-combination-green-blue


modern tile mirror

Color trends-kitchen-2012-modern-tiled-mirror  green-kitchen-island-white-kitchen-cupboards

Color trends-kitchen-2012-combination-light blue-white