Choosing a black kitchen – tips and 48 interior ideas

kitchen black kitchen island shelves lamps open design living room

One black kitchen undoubtedly exudes elegance. This is also one of the reasons why this color never goes out of style. However, if you’ve decided to design your kitchen with black cabinets, there are a few things to consider. For this reason, we have put together some tips and design ideas for a black kitchen in this article. Not only will you convince yourself that you made the right choice when it comes to color. In addition to this, our tips will also help you to create a harmonious atmosphere without risking an interior that is too depressing.

Black kitchen in a minimalist style

kitchen black minimalist style vintage dining table white high gloss

What should be considered in a black kitchen is that there should be plenty of bright daylight. If this requirement is not met in your kitchen, you do not have to do without these luxurious-looking cabinets. One possibility is to combine the black kitchen with white surfaces. For example, you can choose a black and white kitchen or you can set up a white dining table or white chairs. Light wood, which can again be chosen for the dining area, is just as suitable. The kitchen countertops can also be made of a light color, creating a unique black kitchen.

Black kitchen with white and wood surface

black kitchen light wood furniture interior carpet geometric pattern

The surface for the black kitchen can consist of ordinary wood or the ultra-modern high gloss. The latter variant is a very special eye-catcher. Combinations of both surface variants are also popular. You can set various contrasts and accents so that the kitchen does not look too gloomy when there is little light. This is not only possible with the bright wall units mentioned above, but also with glass cabinet doors, a colored tiled mirror and metal. Do you like natural materials? Then, in addition to wood, metal, stone and marble are also very suitable for the black kitchen. You can also emphasize the elegant look of the black kitchen with metal handles and strips. Steel is particularly suitable for this.

Black kitchen with a marble accent

black kitchen noble design high gloss white marble

Wooden surface for the kitchen

kitchen black stainless steel worktop wood gray tiles

 Corner kitchen design in black

kitchen black corner design wood small white walls light wood parquet

 Black kitchen design with white accents

kitchen black sloping roof dining table chairs eames style

 Kitchen with island

kitchen black worktop white island high gloss design

 Two kitchen islands in black and white

black kitchen white combination steel extractor hood

 Kitchen all in black

black kitchen wall design counter fridge shelves

 High gloss kitchen with wooden floor and ceiling and white brick wall

black kitchen round shapes kitchen island high gloss bar stool

 Country kitchen in black and white

black kitchen modern country style white cupboards carpet deep pile gray

black kitchen stool steel gloss kitchen island column white

black kitchen high gloss tiles checkerboard wood paneling wall

black kitchen bright room daylight leather bar chairs

black kitchen gray tile ceiling design indirect lighting

black kitchen fluted surface sink steel accents

black kitchen elegant high gloss kitchen island dark wood worktop

kitchen black wall design white idea red accents high gloss

kitchen black counter idea bright modern lamps

kitchen black counter glass top bar stool design modern

kitchen black stone countertop light gray parquet marble

kitchen black steel handles laminate country kitchen sink kitchen island

kitchen black retro flair modern high gloss decorations

kitchen black shelf design modern kitchen island irregular shape

kitchen black shelf design television dining area counter

kitchen black parquet bright stove lighting work area

kitchen black open living room wood gray sofa curtains

kitchen black mosaic tile idea shelf

kitchen black modern high gloss dining table glass white chairs elegant

kitchen black minimalist style white cupboards dining table

kitchen black minimalist sink brick wall design indirect lighting

kitchen black metal trim accents stove wood floor

kitchen black matt surface counter metal bar chairs white wall paint wood ceiling

kitchen black matt glass idea sloping window kitchen island futuristic

kitchen black country style patchwork tiles light gray pattern

kitchen black folding cupboards dining area red eames chairs

kitchen black industrial flair brick wall steel accents white

kitchen black wood cupboards bright dining table chairs modern

kitchen black wood pattern corner design glass doors cupboards

kitchen black wood accents skylights light red bar stool

kitchen black high gloss orange accent tiles

kitchen black green accent wall idea sideboard

kitchen black large window front kitchen island idea

kitchen black corrugated surface cupboards windows original

kitchen black futuristic style idea red brown floor

kitchen black tiled mirror white curtains beige

black kitchen oven sink lighting idea