43 kitchen wall panels ideas made from different materials

wall panels kitchen 3d effect cube black furnishing chairs orange yellow

When furnishing your kitchen, you can also use kitchen wall panels instead of tiles for the partition wall. In this way you create an interesting atmosphere that is different from other kitchens. Various materials are available to you, which you can choose depending on the furnishing style and the ambience you want to create. In this post we would like to give you four different types for Kitchen wall panels introduce. You will see for yourself that each of them has its own charm.

Kitchen wall panels made of glass

wall panels kitchen frosted glass gas stove idea blue high gloss

Kitchen wall panels made of glass look elegant and have a pretty, shiny effect. Apart from the matt versions, you can also use colored models or even entire pictures that are attached to the back in the form of foil. So you can perfectly imitate high gloss.

Kitchen wall panels in blue-gray

wall panels kitchen steel blue glass tiled mirror dining table

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Glass wall panels with picture

kitchen wall panels picture sunset glass foil idea colors

Kitchen partition in shiny red

wall panels kitchens red glass old white furnishing kitchen island

Wall panels made of plexiglass for writing on

wall panels kitchen plexiglass notes idea black flower

Kitchen wall panels made of wood

wall panels kitchens wood red cupboards glass shelves modern

Kitchen wall panels made of wood are particularly suitable for the rustic style or if you just want to create a warm atmosphere. It is best to choose a wood color that matches that of the cabinets or create interesting contrasts.

Gray wood for the kitchen back wall

kitchen wall panels wood gray design modern lighting flowers vases

Wall panels match the color of the kitchen cabinets

wall panels kitchen light wood minimalist design shelf decorations

Wood panels with steel shelves

kitchen wall panels wood idea shelves steel plates sink red black

Steel or other metals for the kitchen wall panels

wall panels kitchen plexiglass notes idea black flower

Kitchen wall panels made of steel are particularly easy to clean. Its glossy surface also ensures interesting color reflections, which are particularly evident when different color accents have been set in the kitchen. The wall panels also look very good made of copper.

kitchen wall panels steel metal plates brown kitchen cabinets

kitchen wall panels copper idea relief sink faucet salt pepper shaker

Kitchen wall panels made of marble and stone look

kitchen wall panels stone star wood cabinet cutlery

Marble is known for its elegance, but also for its resistance. This is why this material is so good for the back wall in the form of kitchen wall panels. Whether you choose the marble or another stone variant in white or another color depends entirely on your preferences and the style of the kitchen. Either way, the kitchen gets a particularly pretty look.

wall panels kitchen marble brown stove kitchen island stone

kitchen wall panels gray stone look stove top cupboard white

wall panels kitchen stone white gray marble modern furnishings open

wall panels kitchen marble noble shelf flowers lamps white

You can now look at more ideas for the kitchen wall panels below.

kitchen wall panels black high gloss dining table round modern

wall panels kitchen white glass idea refrigerator metal sofa side table

wall panels kitchen stone stripes countertop gloss round carpet shelf

wall panels kitchens stone look wooden cabinets warm atmosphere

wall panels kitchen stone look stool blue white mural

wall panels kitchens stone optics gray interior minimalist refrigerator

wall panels kitchen steel stove idea tiles stone traditional style furniture

wall panels kitchens red back wall plates deco frosted glass cupboards ladder

wall panels kitchen plaster wood dark cabinets modern style

wall panels kitchen open white interior frosted glass tiled mirror matt

wall panels kitchen marble gray idea vintage rustic light blue

wall panels kitchen interior modern elegant white design bar chair

wall panels kitchens wood strips white sink faucet lighting

wall panels kitchen yellow glass kitchen back wall aepfel

wall panels kitchens tiled mirror high gloss white marble table

wall panels kitchens colors effects concrete wall black floor

wall panels kitchens elegant white interior cooker

wall panels kitchen blue inspiration high gloss white worktop

wall panels kuechen picture glass foil idea blue drawers

kitchen wall panels steel island marble white pattern laminate

kitchen wall panels steel design blue bar chairs white furniture

kitchen wall panels black waves design relief idea cooker

kitchen wall panels black high gloss modern back wall