36e8 – a masterpiece among classic kitchen designs


Lago Design Studio is here to bring you a luxurious one Kitchen design to present with an original concept and interesting arrangement of furniture and details. What is interesting about this design is that for Lago Studio this kitchen is not just a set of furniture, it is an object in which people communicate their tastes and preferences. 36e8 is a masterpiece among the classic Kitchen design, because apart from classic, it is also noble.

modern modular kitchen designs by Lago


36e8 is one of those great, classic ones Kitchen designs, that you can inspire as soon as you enter. The light color scheme of the luxurious Kitchen design creates a harmonious atmosphere that is more than happy and sunny. The freshness comes from everywhere – the furniture, the meals, and the people you really love, especially when they cook for you. The shapes and lines here are completely regular and traditional, but the combinations are just awesome and extraordinary.

modern colorful kitchen designs


36e8 from Lago is a breathtaking kitchen design and the luxury of the projects lies in the refined furniture. They are all made from the finest bamboo and oak wood materials and the workmanship we are looking at here is more than professional. So, luxury does not always mean gorgeous and lush, but also high quality and solid. Lago emphasizes this when creating theirs  Kitchen designs.

colored kitchen designs by Lago


There is something childish and naive about this luxurious Kitchen design. This notion influenced the idea that cooking and housekeeping should be shown as a game. And every game or activity in 36e8 is fun and inspiring. All classic Kitchen designs from Lago come up with an idea of ​​creating nice everyday mood and friendly atmosphere at home and in the family.


Storage option for the kitchen designs from Lago


 sunny yellow kitchen design by Lago


bright kitchen units and glossy surfaces from Lago