30 kitchen design and decoration ideas for coffee lovers

Kitchen design and decoration ideas-coffee-color-cupboard-white-worktop

Cafes are popular for their cozy, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. There you can hang out with friends, have a cup of coffee, and maybe have a high-calorie muffin … or two. So it seems like a good idea to create this inviting ambience in your own kitchen. Today we offer you a few ideas for Kitchen design and decoration, where the focus is on coffee. Also, be one of those people who cannot live without coffee?

Kitchen design and decoration with the motto “Coffee” – wall color

Combine kitchen design and decoration ideas-coffee-colors

Cream and coffee tones are the perfect basis for a kitchen design with a coffee motto. Choose a pleasant, brown color for the kitchen walls such as latte macchiato, espresso or cappuccino. These colors create a mood of warmth and cosiness and can bring a cream-white kitchen unit to the fore. Alternatively, you can combine dark kitchen fronts with cream-colored walls.

Cozy kitchen design and decoration like in a café

cake design-decoration-cafe-sofa-round-table-chair

Get cafe-style seating to create a cozy sitting area in the kitchen where you can have a cup of coffee in the morning. We are talking about benches, small round tables and various chairs. Even sofas!

Decorate with coffee beans


Coffee beans can liven up the kitchen decoration immediately. Fill glasses and lanterns with coffee beans and place a vanilla candle in them. Arrange these on the kitchen island or breakfast table.

Wall decoration with coffee motifs and sayings

Kitchen design and decoration ideas-coffee-wall paint-wall decals

Wall tattoos with coffee motifs and framed pictures with funny sayings about the “vital” drink can decorate the kitchen walls nicely.

Matching accessories for the motto coffee


Choose the right accessories! Give the espresso machine pride of place in your kitchen. Coffee grinders, coffee pots, vintage cups and interesting spoons are also part of the kitchen decor and must also be emphasized. Your favorite cups shouldn’t be hidden in the cupboard, but proudly presented on a shelf or cup holder.

interesting idea for decorated kitchen door


brown wall paint, wooden kitchen and open shelves


modern eat-in kitchen with dining area in brown and white

cake-design-decoration-coffee-wood-tone-back wall-3d-waves-effect

bright red tree cup holder


Coffee cup wall decal

Kitchen design and decoration ideas-coffee-cup-wall-sticker-white-painted-wall

colorful coffee cups on a white shelf


modern kitchen furniture in beige and brown

cake design-decoration-ideas-coffee-color-cream-espresso

a small coffee bar

cake-design-decoration-ideas-coffee-bar-cups-coffee machine

Sayings about coffee in picture frames


Flower runner with coffee motifs

kitchen-decoration-ideas-coffee-motifs-table runner-jute







Kitchen design and decoration ideas-coffee-colors-sitting area-photo wall-

Cake design-decoration-ideas-coffee-motto-cup-holder-wall

Cake design-decoration-ideas-coffee-wood-cabinet-fronts-steel-elements


Kitchen-decoration-coffee-beans-photo-wallpaper-wood kitchen

Kitchen design and decoration -wooden disc-blackboard-chalk

Kitchen design-deco-coffee-bar-shelves-vintage-dresser-coffee-accessories

Kitchen design-decoration-wall-decoration-wood-picture frames

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