25 ideas for the creative use of wallpaper in the kitchen


Make the most of your walls and personalize your kitchen space with the pattern and texture of the wallpaper. The creative application of the Wallpaper in the kitchen can completely transform your space and create a cozy atmosphere. Take a look at our ideas.

Accented with wallpaper in the kitchen


The kitchen cabinets dominate and take up about 60 percent of the entire room. With so little space for open walls, you can’t incorporate large decorations. But how can you then decorate this room creatively? Wallpaper in the kitchen add visual interest even in small doses, with pattern, color and texture.

black and white wallpaper in the kitchen


Wallpaper plays a dominant role in this classic kitchen facility. The contrasting pattern adds a bold character to an otherwise simple color combination and also corresponds with the architectural details of the room.

Kitchen cabinets and black and white wallpaper

wallpaper-kitchen-black-white-red-kitchen fronts-metal-profiles-small apartment

White worktops and kitchen fronts quickly overwhelm a room and make it cold. Add a bit warmth add to the overall look of the kitchen by sticking wallpaper patterns with inviting colors.

some color as an accent


Express your personality by making a large wallpaper on the whole wall glue. While such bold print could be overwhelming when it covers an entire room, this is where it finds just the right balance with the white kitchen front.

Kitchen back wall and glass tiled mirror

Wallpaper in the kitchen ideas glass tiled mirror

Replace the geometry of the tiles or paneling for your kitchen back wall. Enjoy the beautiful look of the patterned Wallpaper in the kitchen. In this modern variant, the sinuous elegance of the wallpaper pattern softens the hard edges made of stainless steel. Add a clear glass panel over the background image for extra durability.

Decorate kitchen cabinets with wallpaper

wallpaper-in the kitchen-ideas wallpaper scraps decorate kitchen cupboards doors

Give the tired cabinet doors new life with bright colors. The paper adds patterns to the cabinets and reduces the overall effect of stainless steel, laminate or wood across the room.

Decorate with scraps of wallpaper

wallpaper-in the kitchen-ideas cupboard wall glue pattern

Do not throw away the scraps of wallpaper. Instead, you can cut designs out of the paper and glue them to some furniture for a coherent design.

white color scheme and floral wall decoration

wallpaper-floating stairs wooden table pendant lights

If the wallpaper pattern is a subtle or delicate design, it can confidently be attached to all walls in the room without it becoming too much. A model like the one above can make a modern kitchen look romantic and playful. The modern design is not disturbed by this.

white kitchenette and table 

Wallpaper kitchen ideas white kitchen cabinets rattan chairs tiled mirrors

A similar wallpaper also adorns this minimalist kitchen facility. However, it was only used here for the kitchen rear wall. Since the wallpaper would then quickly be ruined by splashes of grease and other dirt, it was also provided with a glass plate.

White kitchen cabinets and black wall decorations

Wallpaper in the kitchen ideas white kitchen cabinets trash can accent wall

A black and white design was not only achieved in this room with the cupboards and worktop. The wallpaper design also contributes to this color scheme and adapts to the theme. Pretty motifs can turn wallpapers into true works of art, which are wonderfully suitable as an alternative to a photo wallpaper.

Contrasts stainless steel and wood

Wallpaper kitchen accent wall contrasts warm cool stainless steel wood

In this room, the kitchen area was optically separated from the dining area. This happens not only on the basis of the kitchen counter, but also on the basis of the chosen colors. While the kitchen cabinets and worktop were chosen in white and gray, warm colors such as beige and brown adorn the dining area. The large picture in the form of a wallpaper design makes the room look more lively.

elegant floral motifs

Wallpaper in the kitchen ideas elegant floral motifs

Photography adds depth

Wallpaper kitchen ideas to add depth to the room

Decorate the kitchen front

Wallpaper kitchen ideas kitchen front decorate red accents

Red and white   

Wallpaper-small kitchen-ideas red white bar stool

fresh colors and wallpaper with fruit patterns

Wallpaper dining area ideas green white fruit pattern

gloss black kitchen cabinets and checkerboard floor tiles

black kitchen cabinets chess floor tiles floral wallpaper

Wallpaper with purple orchids 

kitchen wallpaper accent wall purple flowers orchids

golden motifs

wallpaper kitchen elegant gold marble countertop

Wallpaper in the kitchen ideas purple suspended ceiling circles

white kitchenette wood dining table colored wallpaper flowers

wallpaper-in-the-kitchen-black and white floral photo wall clock

Wallpaper kitchen ideas color texture orange pendant lights

orange kitchen kitchen back wall wallpaper