20 Modern kitchen furniture and minimalist designs

Wooden fronts manufacturer Biefbi model Elba

We present 20 new design ideas in a minimalist living style from numerous renowned European manufacturers. Modern kitchen furniture, that are functional and look super stylish at the same time – this is how the designs can be described. Because nowadays the kitchen is more than a functional space, it is a communication hub where the family can enjoy being together.

Modern kitchen furniture from Biefbi – functional minimalist masterpieces

white red beige fronts Italian design Capri

Similar to other Italian companies, Biefbi was founded by a professional in 1976. The Battistelli family has been producing kitchen furniture for several generations. They specialize in the design of minimalist kitchen furniture with clear lines. The combination of functionality and absolute modernity has brought the company European recognition. Your trademark – the mix of colors and materials. As is traditional in Italy, great importance is attached to natural materials in Biefbi. Wooden fronts loosen the severity of the minimalist elements and make the interior look cozy. At the same time, certain details made of matt dark glass spice up the simple construction and give it an exciting dynamic.

Modern kitchen furniture from Boffi present a successful combination of materials – stainless steel and wood

Italian manufacturer cooking island wood design model Duemilaotto

Will over modern kitchen furniture spoken, then the company Boffi is always mentioned. The company was founded in the 30s of the last century and has since specialized in the manufacture of bathroom and kitchen furniture. The designs fascinate with a timeless, elegant look – and some of their kitchens have been enjoying increasing popularity for more than 50 years! The brand’s latest projects have been awarded prestigious prizes, such as the Elle Design Award. The great attraction of their products is primarily due to the successful combination of materials – wood and stainless steel create exciting contrasts and transform the kitchen into a real eye-catcher.

Modern kitchen furniture by Scandola Mobili – tradition and modern coexist in the minimalist kitchen

Wood ash kitchen island modern country style Maestrale Scandola Mobili

The exciting mix of tradition and modernity has delighted fans of the Scandola Mobili brand for more than 40 years. The kitchens of the renowned furniture company are manufactured according to the minimalist basic principles, the choice of materials and processing techniques in any case go back to the traditions of the region. The solid wood kitchen by Scandola Mobili fascinates with untreated fronts and attractive natural colors. The wood grain gives the designs a rustic look and simply cannot let go of your eyes. Because of cold and uncomfortable – the minimalist kitchen has been completely reinterpreted and is presented in a different light.

Stylish minimalist kitchens from Del Tongo – the industrial look is the future?

Corner kitchen plan concrete look cabinets model

Nobody else, but a furniture company based in Tuscana, presented their new collection in a rough industrial look. The typically minimalist construction of the cabinets is additionally emphasized by the roughly rough concrete look. A real eye-catcher that is sure to delight fans of the industrial style of living. The other designs by Del Togo also inspire for their simplicity, sculptural shapes and neutral color scheme. Black and white dominate the kitchen and contribute to a modern ambience. No wonder, because the models are the result of the collaboration of several designers, one of whom is Makio Hasuike – and the influences of Japanese minimalism can be clearly felt in his projects.

Modern kitchen furniture from Bulthaup – the manufacturer attaches great importance to functionality and individuality

modern stainless steel door handles wooden fronts manufacturer Bulthaup

The manufacturer Bulthaup has long been known in German-speaking countries. The brand’s minimalist kitchen furniture may seem simple at first glance, but behind the kitchen cabinets with clear lines and in neutral colors there is a functional and very innovative kitchen. The company offers its customers much more than just practical ideas – thanks to innovative production technologies and modern kitchen planning, practically endless designs are possible – in the end, projects are created that give the room individuality and character.

Kitchen white stainless steel high gloss white Bulthaup B3

completely white fronts Bulthaup manufacturer

Del Tongo Collection – model Creta

Concrete fronts gray color wood cabinet built-in appliances Crete

Concrete optics manufacturer Italy Del Tongo Creta

Wall color blue ideas modern minimalist design

Colors wall color neutral dining area pendant lights Tongo

Kitchen design ideas black island Creta

Kitchen white high gloss fronts Creta Slim Fit

 The collection of Biefbi – Milano model

Designer ideas manufacturer Biefbi model Milano

Built-in appliances, wood look grain Biefbi, model Milano

Kitchen island original ideas Biefbi model Milano

Kitchen Elba

Work counter material wood natural look Biefbi model Elba

Design ideas wooden fronts dark glass Biefbi model Elba

Kitchen Capri

modern handleless cabinet doors marble kitchen back wall model Capri

Kitchen design ideas modern kitchen furniture corner cabinet Capri

Venezia kitchen

Kitchen gloss counter black matt glass

Kitchen Timo

red white kitchen island ideas high gloss manufacturer Biefbi model Timo

Kitchen island high-gloss fronts around built-in appliances

Kitchen island countertop plastic manufacturer Biefbi model Timo

Boffi – Duemilaotto

Combination of materials wood, natural look, plastic Duemilaotto

minimalist modern marble counter model Duemilaotto

Model K14

Base cabinet handleless real wood fronts chestnut Italian model K14

Kitchen furniture white island design ideas practically space-saving

Kitchen furniture island handleless fronts material Corian model K14Model K11

Stainless steel built-in appliances Kitchen island design modern model K11

Stainless steel easy-care two sinks model K11

Linear model made of Corean

Design ideas kitchen island material Corian model Linear

storage space wall shelf kitchen island Corian white

Linear kitchen made of stainless steel

Modern kitchen unit furniture base units model Linear

Kitchen furniture design ideas space-saving original kitchen design ideas linear

Fronts modern practical industrial chic model linear

Linear corner kitchen made of wood

Base units stainless steel worktop tiles kitchen back wall K20

Design wooden base cabinet, solid beech lacquered, model Linear

Fronts modern corner kitchen design model Linear

Xila model

modern kitchen white fronts handleless doors Italian design model Xila

black fronts wall shelf storage space model Xila

modern Italian manufacturer Boffi model Xila

modern kitchen furniture island freestanding model Xila

Boffi model

completely white fronts handleless doors manufacturer Boffi model Zone

Kitchen Italian design island manufacturer Boffi model Zone

white completely Manufacturer Boffi Designer Pierro Lizzoni Model Zone

Scandola Mobili

White painted wooden fronts Maestrale Scandola

Wood look open wall shelves model Maestrale manufacturer Scandola Mobili

manufactured advantages Italian manufacturer country style Maestrale M3

Furniture design ideas living room dining area cooking area Maestrale M4

Modern country style furniture design wall color gray model Maestrale

Design ideas marble countertop Design Maestrale M3

Corner kitchen design 20 modern kitchens Italian manufacturer model Maestrale M2