The super cool kitchens from Mobalpa


Nowadays the modern houses are practical, inviting and elegantly furnished, so that the interior exudes a real joie de vivre and creates a cozy atmosphere. the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa have an attractive design – you are ready for new inspiration?

Mobalpa – the masters of super cool kitchen interior design ideas

Australia kitchen design

If you still haven’t heard of the French furniture company Mobalpa, now is the time to get an impression of their catalogs and products. The talented designer team behind the brand did an excellent job transforming the ordinary, even boring, kitchen completely. These super cool kitchens offer an atmosphere where the whole family can cook, eat and spend quality time together. Mobalpa specialize in creating a space full of positive emotions without the style remaining in the background.

The super cool kitchen ideas for the whole family


If you leaf through a Mobalpa catalog, you are sure to be impressed by the glossy surfaces and perfect constructions of the modular kitchens. The combination between comfort and cosiness, the luxury elements and the versatile use of the kitchen cabinets make life much easier.

Kitchen designs combine cosiness and comfort

light purple kitchen design

And not only that – the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa are spacious and comfortable. Good organization of the available space and the many possibilities to redesign the individual panels depending on the room furnishings characterize the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa. Even the corner kitchen has been redesigned.

Color schemes and choice of materials


the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa offer many color options from which customers can choose. Soft nuances are definitely preferred by the designers. The materials that are used are also different depending on the style – you can opt for a completely white glossy minimalist kitchen as well as a rustic wood kitchen. Eclectic decoration, innovative chandeliers and stainless steel furniture complement the kitchens.

Extraordinary, daring and interesting – the super cool kitchens from Mobalpa


Mobalpa are a French furniture company that has redesigned the kitchen. It offers a large number of exclusive kitchen interior ideas made of high quality materials such as plastic, oak, stainless steel and with a beautiful finish.

From Abigail

White and green Niobe cuisine

white-green-Niobe kitchen

Super cool kitchen white


Practical wooden kitchen interior

practical wooden kitchen interior

Shiny gray kitchen cabinets

shiny-gray-kitchen cabinets

minimalist panel kitchen with black bar stools


Interesting pendant lamp above the kitchen counter


Dark contrasts in the kitchen

Wooden kitchen-oak-dark-contrasts

Elios modern kitchen


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Futuristic kitchen design by Splinterworks from England

Fascinating futuristic kitchen design

Laughing in the face of the convention, these exciting and innovative kitchen units were created by the design company “Splinterworks ‘ created from England. The young company was only founded about two years ago and is already on the global market. It’s not surprising with such fascinating products as theirs futuristic Kitchen designs.

These super stylish units have been designed by artists and craftsmen to combine powerful aesthetics with excellent functionality. Tired of the conventional kitchen equipment leads ‘Splinterworks’ with your futuristic design add a new dimension to this work environment. This is typical of their work “Tipping point “- Project that creates an exceptionally beautiful space that looks more like an art gallery foyer rather than a simple kitchen.

Splinterworks  futuristic kitchen design

futuristic kitchens from Splinterworks

The units described here are the ultimate futuristic kitchen design and resemble more modern sculpture than functional counters and appliances. ‘Splinterworks’ however, it has been very focused on practicality and nothing in these designs is whimsical and without any useful purpose. The free-standing shapes of the floor units are both angular and curvaceous depending on the perspective. The countertops form a wide arch and the units rest on an incredibly slim base line. This inward inclination of the countertops creates maximum space and legroom so that the food can be eaten in the futuristic kitchen is a very pleasant experience. The curve is ideal for work where all areas are easier to reach. This design is configured like a futuristic arena for food preparation, cooking, eating and finally doing the dishes. All the activities that you can do in any normal kitchen are also done here in style.

futuristic Kitchen design – Arena for food preparation

The futuristic kitchen design also offers a novel approach to storage. For this occasion, the cabinets are simple hemispherical shapes. They are attached to the wall by an ingenious system of overlapping segments that are believed to have been inspired by the shape of an orange. These innovative cabinets, when opened, become attractive display shelves in the futuristic kitchen and when closed – wonderful sculptural objects.  ‘Splinterworks’ Was intended for their futuristic kitchen design,

“… .. a fully functional but also soulful place that can be appreciated both in social engagement and in daily routine tasks.”

You have certainly achieved that goal and much more.

Futuristic kitchen design – cupboards with hemispherical shapes

by Jaz

Designer: Splinterworks


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The innovative and sculptural modern kitchen design

Exhibited by LG Hausys at the 2012 week-long design fair in Milan

 modern kitchen design - innovative shape

As part of the 2012 design fair in Milan, LG Hauszs exhibited a kitchen made entirely from the HI-MACS® material. The focus is on the modern, innovative kitchen design. That modern kitchen design is dramatic and beautiful. The core components of traditional cuisine have been preserved, but their shape is very advanced. The white color allows the sculptural qualities of the kitchen furniture to come into its own. The horizontally corrugated surface is the main characteristic of the design – it underlines the exciting curve-shaped volume. The interplay of light and shadow is dramatic and the shapes merge into a dynamic, yielding infinity.

Innovative and sculptural modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design - new material

stylish kitchen design - new shape

The large and generously lit exhibition room ensures that the modern kitchen design is best displayed. The impression is of an organic, but at the same time futuristic design with flowing lines and shapes, which creates a completely different kitchen space.

The modern kitchen design

innovative kitchen made of new material

The advanced material from which this innovative and sculptural kitchen was made allowed this unique design to be elaborated. HI-MACS® is described as the ‘new generation‘ of solid materials, with decisive advantages compared to traditional building materials for the kitchen. It is available in many different colors and offers many possibilities. It can be easily reshaped without any visible joints. It’s very hard and hygienic, so it’s perfect for kitchen work. If the flexible material is damaged, the repair is very easy.

modern kitchen design from Milan

sculptural kitchen design

That sculptural modern kitchen design  was obviously designed for this show, but the exhibition shows the potential that aspects of this design can be successfully incorporated into modern interior design. Thanks to the flexibility of the material, it would be possible to offer custom-made kitchens according to the space available in each house / apartment. It looks like the shapes and colors can be changed to suit all tastes.

The fair showed a trend in modern kitchen design for people who want to have a spectacular interior design in their home.

by Jaz

modern kitchen design - fair in Milan 2012







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Outdoor kitchen ideas – modern design options

Outdoor kitchen ideas modern design natural stone pizza oven

For us in the northern hemisphere, summer has already come. While the people in the area are cleaning their grill, let yourself be carried away by them Outdoor kitchens to inspire. They are gaining more and more popularity and are very popular because of their diversity. Here are photos of different exciting designs by Outdoor kitchens.

Modern outdoor kitchen ideas


 The best part is that the Outdoor kitchens can be designed as simple or as complex as you want. The elegant variant includes hotplates, a refrigerator, a sink and many free surfaces suitable for cooking. The material of the Outdoor kitchens should be weatherproof, for example concrete – many prefer this material – it is practical and leaves a lot of space for decoration.

The outdoor kitchens – practical but elegant


If you want a “room” in the courtyard, you should also plant your garden well. For many, the focus is on the outdoor kitchen design and how it fits into your garden. the Outdoor kitchen continues the main motifs in your kitchen. Therefore, the first thing you have to think about is how it can best be built. How much free space is available? How big should the kitchen be – how many guests do you usually invite, do you usually organize large parties? Let yourself be inspired by these numerous ideas, they should help you answer important questions and maybe develop your own project that fits your personal needs.

Maybe you’re just collecting ideas now, but they’re Outdoor kitchens can change your lifestyle and promise you many pleasant hours outdoors with family and friends.

From Jaz

 Modern outdoor kitchen with dining area under the covered terrace

Outdoor-kitchen-dining area-fridge-modern-rollingstoneslandscape

Project by Rolling Stones

Outdoor kitchen connected directly to the house

Outdoor-kitchen-wood-gas grill-sink-bagnatoarchitecture

Project by Bagnatoarchitecture

Outdoor kitchens – two projects by Acorngardenhouse

Outdoor-kitchen-ideas-natural stone-wood-Jose-Garces


Project by Acorngardenhouse

White modern outdoor kitchen with built-in appliances 


Project by Swellhomes

Cooking island with gas grill and hood on the terrace


Project by COS design

Modern freestanding kitchen with gas grill and refrigerator


Project by COS Design

Modern outdoor concrete kitchen with electric stainless steel grill

Outdoor-kitchens-concrete-gas grill-dining area-debora-carl

Project by Debora Carl

Outdoor concrete kitchen with shelves and pizza oven


Design by WWOO

 Modern outdoor kitchen with wooden fronts and stainless steel back wall


 Project by Woodpecker Harpman Architects

Modern outdoor kitchen on the spacious roof terrace

Outdoor-kitchens-modern-roof terrace-ideas-chicago-green-design

Project by Chicago Green Design


Design by RondaOutdoors


Design by Dumicanmosey

Custom built outdoor kitchens from Kalamazoo Gourmet

Outdoor-kitchen-pool-area-stainless steel

Outdoor kitchen stainless steel modern design



Projects by Kalamazoo gourmet

 Outdoor kitchen with electric grill and dining area


Project by Laminex

modern wooden kitchen

modern elegant stylish minimalist kitchen

modern luxurious kitchen

Modern luxury kitchen in the garden

stylish minimalist kitchen in the garden

 Stylish minimalist outdoor kitchen design

stylish kitchen with wooden furniture

 Elegant kitchen with wooden furniture next to the pool

stylish kitchen design - garden

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Attractive and modern kitchen with CESAR ARREDAMENTI


CESAR ARREDAMENTI is an Italian design studio with designers who care for the modern kitchen and their high-quality style. They go beyond the traditional notion that a modern kitchen should be practical, compact and everything at hand. CESAR ARREDAMENTI is based on the eccentric decors, unusual kitchen furniture and the balance between different styles such as minimalism, baroque, vintage, Greek and high-tech.

Modern kitchen with a large black counter top and wooden cupboards

large-kitchen-top-black-wooden cabinets-CESAR-ARREDAMENTI

By adding something unusual, CESAR ARREDAMENTI the modern kitchen a little weird but still cozy and nice enough to keep you happy all the time. The Italian designers keep up with the retro trends in terms of the tall columns and long walls. They are not decorated, but the countertops and kitchen cabinets are embellished with crystal vases, ceramic mugs or some elegant champagne glasses.

white high gloss modern kitchen


CESAR ARREDAMENTI’s team uses marble, concrete and glass in the creation their modern kitchens. The reflections of the smooth surfaces merge into the magical atmosphere of the room and play beautifully with the sunlight. The lamps and chandeliers are retro in style, with a romantic fireplace or an old-fashioned armchair in a royal style.

glamorous modern kitchen by CESAR ARREDAMENTI


The modern kitchen from CESAR ARREDAMENTI is impressive and magnificent. The glowing sets and glasses are left outside the cupboards to create a better mood and to underline the glamorous atmosphere. Modern kitchens from CESAR ARREDAMENTI are also ideal for creating spaces for large families.


white glamorous luxury kitchen


 red kitchen


Wood design


Stainless steel kitchen with wooden cabinets


modern kitchen in neutral tones


light wood and design scheme







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Luxury kitchen furniture from SieMatic for your modern kitchen


The German design studio SieMatic is also the manufacturer of the Luxury kitchen furniture and designers of some amazing modern kitchens – with a new design and a stylish appearance. A room, organized and furnished by the specialists from SieMatic, can be recognized immediately. With their retro elements from the last two centuries, they create impressive decors and comfortable surroundings.

white luxury kitchen furniture and brown accents from SieMatic


Modern luxury kitchen furniture by SieMatic are based on the contrasts and avant-garde motifs in the ornaments that grab the attention of customers. the Luxury kitchen furniture are in light and neutral colors so that the dark and strong elements can be placed on the tables, shelves and electrical appliances in the kitchen. The black and white scheme is accentuated with large windows and glass doors or frames.

Luxury kitchen furniture from SieMatic


High-tech, minimalism and classicism can easily be combined in the design of all modern SieMatic kitchens. Order and cleanliness work with the pure lines of the Luxury kitchen furniture, which are usually in the corner of the premise. The accents are set by a royal crystal chandelier or mosaic ceramic tiles on the walls. These key elements represent the most important rule that SieMatic designers follow in their work – simplicity and magnificence under one roof.

luxurious kitchen furniture


The high-quality materials such as teak and ceramics, combined with impressive marble show the reason why the products with the SieMatic brand Luxury kitchen furniture is called. Modern SieMatic kitchens will definitely last a long time.



luxurious kitchen furniture from SieMatic


white simple kitchen from SieMatic


luxurious white kitchen from SieMatic


luxury kitchen furniture SieMatic


kitchen-original-ornaments-kitchen island

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Exclusive kitchen design – Snaidero Studio shows its best

unusual-kitchen-design-white-dark blue

Almost ten years have already passed when Snaidero Studio took the first steps in modern kitchen design. The Italian designers have learned a lot since then and also shared experience with their colleagues. Skills to design amazing kitchens. Each exclusive kitchen design von Snaidero immediately attracts your attention and enchants you.

Exclusive kitchen design – compact kitchen with marble and glass kitchen counter


With the aim of having enough movement in the rooms, the workers at Snaidero create exclusive kitchen design. As a result, the designers have developed two alternatives – small and large kitchen furniture for their portfolio of luxury kitchens. Some of these pieces of furniture are compact tables with built-in cabinets, others are modular kitchen cabinets that can transform into a countertop.

Exclusive kitchen design by Snaidero


Each exclusive kitchen design by Snaidero creates a welcoming and warm atmosphere. They house glamorous and avant-garde luxury kitchen furniture, but decorated with simple decoration and elements. The classic style is easily mentioned, with green plants in traditional flower pots, cute ceramics with beautiful retro vases. The beautiful and original kitchens by Snaidero Studio are decorated with fresh colors and are reminiscent of spring magic and summer sparks.

clever lighting under the kitchen unit

clever-lighting-under-kitchen unit

In order to save some space in their modern kitchen, the designers from Snaidero use light materials such as bamboo wood for the tables and the kitchen cabinets. Or plastic for the chairs with some light, soft cushions or damask. With such a type of luxury kitchen furniture, the rooms will visually look more spacious. They create the illusion that you are out somewhere, not locked in front of the stove in your home.


 exclusive kitchen by Snaidero with marble worktop


simple-kitchen-design-snaidero  Snaidero-studio-exclusive-kitchen-design

white kitchen by Snaidero with a classic look


golden walls in the luxury kitchen

golden walls luxury kitchen  exclusive-kitchen-design-dark-wood

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Modern kitchen design idea from Steininger

modern kitchen steel cabinet

If you are modern Kitchen design with interesting decoration, comfortable furniture and original concepts, then you have come to the right place at Steininger. It is an Austrian company that was founded in 1993 by Martin Steininger, who focused on avant-garde stylish kitchens.

Stylish kitchen design with plants as decoration

modern stainless steel kitchen plants

Steininger is sticking to it Kitchen design Some basic rules – they always offer cosmopolitan projects, massive and solid furniture such as kitchen island and dining table with chairs appear strong and stable. Retro elements in the kitchen interior create some exciting elements. But don’t be fooled – modern, innovative production techniques were used to produce this furniture.

 White elegant kitchen design

elegant stainless steel kitchen island


Smooth shiny surfaces and interesting lighting characterize the kitchen design of Steininger. The kitchen cabinets are compact, very well thought out and easy to reach. The colors are neutral – white, black and gray dominate the room. Glass and steel were chosen as the main materials for the collection. The green plants, which contrast with the neutral color scheme, serve as the only decoration.



White minimalist kitchen


Black and white kitchen with an interesting sink

black and white kitchen bar stools

Green plants as decoration in the modern kitchen

black and white modern kitchen

Kitchen design by Steininger – modern and comfortable


Flower pot in the kitchen


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