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Interior design ideas – living room with kitchen

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Nowadays, the kitchen and living room are often combined in one area. Living room with kitchen but does not mean that you have to forego elegance and style. With some easy setup tricks you can have both comfortable and practical, as well as trendy interiors. It is important that the entire living area is well ventilated and that you opt for a uniform design.

Living room with kitchen – modern furnishings

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The interior should have a uniform color scheme, the furniture in the kitchen and living room should be selected in the same style. The same flooring should be laid throughout the room, which creates difficulties – on the one hand, wood looks better in the living room, but tiles are more practical for the kitchen. As an alternative, you can lay laminate over the entire area – it is easy to care for and looks good.

Living room with kitchen – design ideas

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The kitchen island has proven to be an inseparable part of the Living room with kitchen established. It thematically separates the area and is a very convenient variant for a small apartment. If necessary, it can even replace the dining table. The best thing about this design is that you can cook and still talk to guests. Good lighting over the kitchen island is an absolute must.

Interior of modern living room with kitchen

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In the living room you can choose simple furniture – comfortable leather sofa and glass coffee table. The decoration should be kept to a minimum, because the different areas create an exciting atmosphere anyway. Living room with kitchen is practical and trendy, and offers endless possibilities for furnishing depending on the personal taste of the residents.


Modern minimalist brown kitchen in the living room

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