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Select a modern kitchen worktop depending on the interior style


The very wide range of Kitchen countertop Designs that are available can be more confusing than helpful. Of all kitchen accessories, the worktop should be the most durable, because it has to withstand hitting, cutting, hot and cold. Finding the right countertop is not easy!

Coordinate kitchen worktops with the interior


In the case of the Kitchen countertops the golden rule applies – you will get what you paid for. So don’t skimp on a countertop and choose the best that is on the market. Otherwise, you will be surprised by unplanned renovations, which is neither convenient nor practical.

The toughest and the most luxurious designs of kitchen countertops are made of stone or marble. Not only do they look good, but they will serve you in the kitchen for life. Marble is a hallmark of the classic style and is very aesthetic, fits almost any interior – from a cozy classic kitchen to modern and ultra-modern kitchen interiors.

Kitchen worktop models and materials

Marble kitchen countertop-classic-kitchen

Wooden kitchen dark marble countertop

For a very modern look, choose one Kitchen countertop made of stainless steel. Not only very practical, but also very durable and hygienic. It is no coincidence that the professional cookers prefer this countertop for restaurants. The design goes perfectly with the simple, modern interior in Scandinavian or minimalist style. Wooden countertops add a warm and homely feel to the room and are also a popular choice – but be careful with them as they require regular maintenance and cleaning is also harder.

Choose the right kitchen countertop for your kitchen


Laminate kitchen countertop

Perhaps the most common variant for Kitchen countertop this is made of laminate. Although it is a cheaper option, it should be looked after with great care, similar to wood.

The colors for the worktop are traditionally in a simple, neutral color scheme – black, white, beige or gray. The goal – they should be a nice addition to your kitchen, and better bring out the beautiful furniture or decoration.

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Stainless steel kitchen island countertop

Modern stainless steel kitchen

modern stainless steel kitchen countertop

Interesting white kitchen island