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Modern or traditional designer cuisine from Berloni


the Designer kitchen from Berloni is here to freshen up your home interior and become a cute retro addition to the interior design. If you are looking for new design ideas for the kitchen, then you will surely be fascinated by these exciting compilations of tradition and modernity.

Designer kitchen from Berloni – comfortable and stylish

open shelving system kitchen

The Berloni company was founded around 50 years ago when the Berloni brothers opened their own furniture store. Nowadays the kitchen manufacturer relies again and again on the traditional production techniques that guarantee the high quality of the production. The interior designer of the Italian company focuses on the elegant appearance of the models, which create a cozy ambience and at the same time are equipped with innovative storage spaces and durable fronts.

Classic designer kitchen from Berloni

open shelving system kitchen

The stylish classic designer kitchens from Berloni are designed according to traditional standards. Ornaments on the cabinet doors, cute decorations and a retro look define the models. The masterpieces of the Italian furniture manufacturers are equipped with everything a housewife and her family could need. Vintage or rustic, shabby chic or classically elegant – you are spoiled for choice. The romantic mood is created by pastel colors and color schemes that we know from our grandparents.

Vintage designer kitchen creates a romantic atmosphere


Tosca is a typical vintage Designer kitchen, where oak wood is combined with soft textiles, retro lighting creates a peculiar ambience and you really feel at home. The glass doors and the retro cabinets, even the cute little windows above the countertop are reminiscent of the 60 years of the 20th century when the company was actually founded.

Two other classic models, this time in white – Grangala and Gaia attract attention. They reflect the sunlight and the whole interior shines. Grangala is rather massive, while Gaia has elements like from a mosaic.

Modern designer kitchens from Berloni

modern panel kitchen wood

The modern designer kitchens from Berloni are the kind of kitchens that inspire with their simple shape and minimalist look. The concept behind the innovative design is to offer a tasteful interior with clever storage spaces. Ginevra, Afram Brera and Nicolle are just a few of the models that will impress all fans of minimalism.

From Abigail

White kitchen block Berloni

white kitchen block Berloni

White classic corner kitchen Nicole

white-classic-corner kitchen-Nicole

Rustic Italian cuisine


Rustic cozy corner kitchen

rustic-cozy-wooden corner kitchen

Classic kitchen-Athena by Berloni


The Sinetempore designer kitchen in traditional Valcucine style