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Kitchen equipment incorporates classic tradition and modern style

white-blue panel kitchen

The world of kitchen design has developed rapidly in recent years. Nowadays it is not enough if the Kitchen equipment is practical – it must also be visually impressive. Atypical designs that combine comfort and style are preferred. The built-in kitchens from Neff are an example of how classic tradition can be skilfully incorporated into modern design.

Kitchen equipment – classic, modern and intelligent

white-blue-squares kitchen island

Neff is a company that over the years has come to be known as Neff Kitchens. The reason – the team is on Kitchen equipment specialized. The company was founded by the careful craftsman Paul Neff, who has an extra fondness for the kitchen – as the heart of every home. From the beginning – the sixties of the last century – his designs were a visual connection between tradition and modernity.

Traditional and modern kitchen equipment from Neff


The whole Kitchen equipment von Neff corresponds to the description ‘intelligent kitchen‘ – innovative and luxurious, with practically organized storage space and many built-in cupboards, where the dishes can be easily reached when cooking. Neff’s designers and staff have successfully created both traditional and modern designs. The traditional kitchen designs are grouped under the name Louis Philippe collection. Polished, shiny countertops and wooden kitchen counters create a cozy atmosphere. The source of inspiration is definitely the symbol of French interior design – authentic decoration style and accents are reminiscent of this.

Modern and multifunctional kitchen equipment

traditional-wood-kitchen-light green

In contrast, the modern one stands out Kitchen equipment with durable, contemporary materials that have been introduced in recent years. The stainless steel worktop and extractor hood contrast with the wooden kitchen counter and shelves. The kitchen island has an irregular shape and looks sculptural. Practical semicircular kitchen island, adjustable kitchen panels are a guarantee that the modular kitchen can adapt to any room arrangement.

Accessories for kitchen equipment

Cutting board open shelves

The enterprise Nephew gives its customers the opportunity to select the individual components from the catalog and combine them so that the perfect kitchen equipment is created for them. Storage space – options, bottle pull-out, plinth drawers or cutlery insert – you can also opt for open shelves and even choose decorative vases.

From Abigail

Retro look kitchen

Retro look kitchen

Marble worktop-classic kitchen

Marble countertop-classic-kitchen

Small black kitchen island


Classic kitchen design

Wooden chairs-pendant-lamp-classic-kitchen-design

Large country style kitchen

large country style kitchen

Elegant white kitchen

Oak kitchen counter-glossy worktop

Kitchen island with stainless steel worktop

Stainless steel worktop built-in cupboard

Spice rack

Spice rack-practical-wall unit-kitchen

Cutlery insert-modern base cabinet

Cutlery insert-modern-cabinet-kitchen