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Kitchen bench – ideal piece of furniture for small kitchens

Kitchen bench-dining area-small-kitchen-column table

Most of today’s small urban apartments do not have a separate dining room, where the family gathers around a large, comfortable table to eat, but a small one Dining area in the kitchen. In addition, the kitchen serves as a place where food is prepared and served at the same time. Combining so many functions in one room makes the furnishing job difficult.

Attractive dining area in a small kitchen

Kitchen bench-corner-small-kitchen-round-table

There is usually one in the small kitchen Dining area with table. Still, it’s hard to tidy up a small and perhaps overcrowded kitchen, especially if there are chairs scattered around. The old one helps to avoid that wooden kitchen bench.

Kitchen bench group made of dark wood

kitchen bench-corner-beige-upholstery-wood-frame

the Kitchen bench is very a compact piece of furniture that can accommodate many people. Besides, the design is elegant and simple. Unless you see the other benches on the market with improved design – leather upholstery, comfortable armrests and headrests, seat with lifting lid or drawers.

Kitchen bench – compact idea for small kitchens

kitchen bench-storage-space-mint-green-wall-paint-white-kitchen-fronts

Corner bench with drawers – the perfect idea for a small kitchen

kitchen bench-storage-space-drawers-round-solid-wood-dining-table

Since usually the Dining area occupies a certain corner of the room, one fits in ideally Corner bench – a perfect, space-saving piece of furniture. It resembles a sofa and can therefore also be used as such. the Corner kitchen however, it also saves a lot of space and gives the kitchen a neat look.

Corner bench group SIT

Eckbank-gruppe-SIT core beech


The modern Kitchen bench is very elegant and with a compact shape. Fully equipped with a dining table, they create a charming element of the interior design and a cozy place to eat for the family. Additionally, when not in use, the Kitchen benches be placed under the table with an innovative design to take up as little space as possible.

 Dark wood kitchen bench – white kitchen

kitchen bench-dark-wood-white-kitchen

Corner bench and storage area – compact kitchen


Corner bench – idea for a small kitchen

corner seat-idea-small-kitchen

Corner bench – space-saving kitchen idea



white quilted leather corner sofa for small dining areas

   white-quilted-leather-corner-sofa-small-dining-corner  fabulous-corner-bench-small-kitchen

compact corner bench – small kitchen idea