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How to choose the right kitchen cabinets for your new kitchen


The kitchen cabinets are an important part of kitchen design for several reasons. They hide all the accessories and make the room look neat and spacious. A kitchen only looks complete when you have it correct kitchen cabinets has built in.

The right kitchen cabinets for the new kitchen – modern and practical

round kitchen island wood kitchen cabinet

In any kitchen that is being redesigned or renovated, the common practice of laying the flooring and painting the walls and ceiling first. If you want to mount a suspended ceiling, then this is also the right time. As soon as you are done, measure the empty room. Think about what other kitchen furniture and kitchen appliances will have to fit in the kitchen. In what style will the kitchen be furnished? What colors and decorations did you choose? How high and how wide should they correct kitchen cabinets be? How can you combine the color of the kitchen cabinet with the table?

Important advice for choosing the right kitchen furniture



the correct kitchen cabinets for you are not just those that match the interior. They should be particularly durable, and their size depends on the function they fulfill – if you cook often, you need more space. The kitchen island with built-in kitchen cabinets is the best option for a small apartment. Nowadays, many cheap offers are constantly being made by the largest furniture manufacturers. To help you select the kitchen cabinet effectively and easily, make a list of dimensions, design, color, storage space and available budget. This way you will keep track of things and not feel lost even in the largest hardware store. We’ll show you some exciting options for kitchen cabinets – models that are modern and practical at the same time.

The kitchen cabinet – colors and models

Purple kitchen interior kitchen cabinet


the correct kitchen cabinets can either remain in the background and highlight other important features, or serve as decoration themselves. You can choose a simple model in a strong pink color and set accents with it. Bright kitchen cabinets make the interior look brighter and more spacious. Black kitchen cabinets can be combined very well with white kitchen counters and always look modern and elegant. Round shapes are totally in at the moment, as are combinations of steel and wood. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and create your modern new kitchen!


Modern elegant white kitchen with floor lighting


Fresh color in the kitchen – pink kitchen cabinets and brightly colored chairs

pink kitchen cabinets kitchen design trends

Elegant modern black and white kitchen with shiny kitchen cabinets