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Beautiful kitchen furniture for every taste from Pronorm

minimalist Pronorm kitchen glass bar

Lovely Kitchen furniture for every taste can now be found at Pronorm – you can choose the concept that best suits your personal preferences. We will take you on a virtual tour through the Pronorm collection, where these comfortable, extraordinary and beautiful kitchens will fascinate.

Qualitative kitchen furniture from Pronorm


The company motto is – anything is possible, the perfect kitchen can be designed. The designers and furniture manufacturers are part of a company that produces compact, classic, multifunctional kitchens. The focus is on the customer needs dictated by the models. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large house – the practical kitchen is a must. The collections are characterized by simple shapes, incredible concepts and durable constructions. In any case, the different models are suitable for different purposes – they can optimally use the available space, or create a cozy interior for a large family, or skillfully combine the kitchen and dining room – everything depends on customer preferences.

Kitchen furniture – models and color schemes

modern black and white kitchen

Although all pieces of furniture and designs are connected by their simple elegance, there are some differences in design – the kitchen furniture from the Y collection offers practical storage space for small rooms. Light and colors are coordinated with a limited area, light beige, white and silver in different nuances. The classic collection looks similarly bright, but cozier and with sweet retro accents.

Functionality in a limited area – kitchen furniture from Pronom

modern sink kitchen island

The Compactline collection offers concepts that are again suitable for small rooms. Wood is used in abundance – kitchen cabinets, worktops and interesting shelving systems are hidden behind elegant kitchen counters. Proline 128, on the other hand, is a collection that caters to the professional Kitchen furniture is dedicated to and any professional quiver or hobby quiver. The main characteristics of these designs are the large countertops, modern and multifunctional shelves and dishes.

Additional component to the kitchen interior


In addition to the large selection of kitchen furniture and fitted kitchens, Pronorm offers many additional components such as – dining table and chairs, lighting, cupboards and elegant materials for the surfaces and decoration ideas. The professionals of Pronorm are happy to advise every customer, and those who want to design their own dream kitchen can use the configurator on their website to adjust color schemes and designs.

From Abigail

Rustic look wooden kitchen

rustic look wood kitchen stainless steel decoration

Rustic light oak kitchen counter

rustic-light-oak kitchen counter

Pronorm kitchen design

Pronorm kitchen design minimal furnishings

Modern shiny black and white kitchen bar stools


Kitchen counter door handles-white worktop

Kitchen counter-door handles-white worktop

Kitchen cabinet frosted glass


Compact white kitchen-wood bench

compact white kitchen wood bench

Classic white corner kitchen door ornaments

classic white corner kitchen door ornaments