Summer jewelry trends 2014 that YOU should try

summer jewelry trends 2014 ladies chain ring black

At least now, when summer is in full swing, it is time to think about the right accessories for your summer outfit and to get them. Of course, the jewelry you will be wearing also plays an important role. So what can you expect to see in the parks, on the beach or at the various summer festivals this season? We show you 5 Summer jewelry trends 2014, that you should consider for this summer. You can get matching jewelry from online jewelry retailers, among others Nigel O’Hara obtain.

Summer jewelry trends 2014 – Animals from the wild

animal motifs jewelry women bird wolf jellyfish silver

Jewelry inspired by animals is very popular right now and is one of the Summer jewelry trends 2014. What is special about Nigel O’Hara is that he can make an exotic and strong statement. It not only has its aesthetic advantages, but also proves to be a real topic of conversation.

Summer jewelry trends 2014 – snake as a ring

jewelry trend animals snake ring gold women

summer jewelry trends 2014 animals seahorses gold

A seahorse as a trailer 

chain jewelry animals deer antlers gold

A deer

jewelry art deco style earrings silver

Art deco

The remake of “The Great Gatsby” last year became one of the main reasons for sparking the current rebirth of the classic Art Deco style. Nigel O’Hara offers a lot of breathtaking pieces that can help spice up your outfit in a chic way.

summer jewelry trends 2014 art deco vintage

Vintage style rings

summer jewelry trends 2014 art deco stones

Pretty earrings in silver

earrings art deco long stones silver

Silver earrings with stones

earrings green stones rhinestones jewelry trends women

Choose green this summer

Green is a color you can wear all year round, but it really shows its best in summer, evoking memories of summer picnics and walks through the woods. Jewelry and accessories in light, refreshing shades of green are perfect in combination with long, airy summer dresses or even with jeans and a T-shirt. Do that Summer jewelry trends 2014 the color green is part of your wardrobe.

jewelry ladies ring green stone rhinestones

Ring with a green stone

green stone chain onxy copper ladies trends

Green stones for a necklace with onyx

earrings green stone quartz ladies gold jewelry

Golden earrings with green stones

ring gold green stone ornament skull grapes

bracelet chain neon colors balls jewelry trend

Neon / Electric colors

Electric colors like oranges, pinks and bright yellows can sometimes be too much if used over the top in the outfit. But if you only set a few accents with jewelry, for example, you can really spice up your summer outfit. These colors as Summer jewelry trends 2014 are also ideal for highlighting the beautiful summer tan.

summer jewelry trends 2014 electric colors neon

bracelet chain sign infinity neon colors

gold chain neon stones pink fashion jewelry women

jewelry trends heavy metal chunky chain women

Try heavy metal

Another great style for jewelry and part of the Summer jewelry trends 2014, with which the summer tan can be seen is silver heavy metal. Pieces like these silver Fiorelli earrings, for example, are a perfect balance to a white summer dress. So if you want to put a pretty accent, it would be a good idea to consider heavy metal.

gold diamond snake ring finger women jewelry