Rough, salt and pepper, black diamonds: new trends in diamond jewelry

The beauty of diamonds is eternal. People have always been drawn to their luster and value. But just like our world, the trends in its processing are slowly changing. Classic shapes and perfectly polished pieces replace the modern versions of diamond jewelry. Not only untraditional, unpolished, but also salt and pepper, or black diamond comes to light. Are you interested in how these species came about and how they differ from the classic ones? Let’s take a look at the world of geological secrets and the latest trends in diamonds.

Mysterious diamond jewelry in black

black diamond gold ring or all black

Black diamonds protrude from the gemstones. According to some studies, they are of extraterrestrial origin because they contain traces of nitrogen and hydrogen, which are released by explosions of star supernovae in space. However, natural black diamond is a great rarity and expensive thing. Therefore, most of the commercially available products are made in the laboratory with the help of radiation.

Fans are mainly drawn to its mysterious color and almost metallic sheen. The most famous black diamond is called “Eye of Brahmā” and is said to be cursed. It should have killed three of its owners. The black diamond on the Carrie Bradshaw engagement ring experienced its first great film fame in the famous series Sex in the City. However, it is not certain whether Engagement rings with black diamonds are particularly popular for this reason.

Unconventional Salt and Pepper diamonds

latest engagement ring trends with diamonds

This stone got its nickname because of its inclusions. Salt refers to the white inclusions and pepper to the black. At first glance, they appear to be silky gray. Some sparkle, some look cloudy, with others the inclusions are effectively intertwined and still others look as if dotted with dots.

salt and pepper diamond ring in silver gold and rose gold

These stones are unquestionably always elegant and much more affordable than their clear siblings. The term “galaxy” is also used (with larger stones the inclusions look like stars in a galaxy). If you are concerned about the environment, you will be interested to know that the salt’n’pepper stones are among those that do not pollute the environment when they are mined compared to the clear stones.

Original uncut rough diamonds

uncut diamond necklace and stud earrings

And what are these rough diamonds? To put it simply, this is the shavings that arise when working with diamonds. For someone “waste”, for others a chance to create an extraordinary piece. Although these residues are also some of the hardest minerals available, their cost is much lower. They do not have the same shape, they differ in color and cannot be further sanded or polished.

But skilled and astute jewelers know how to work with these little treasures. In this way they are able to make affordable and really more original pieces from the uncut diamonds. The rough diamonds look perfect in minimalist gold earrings or pendants. They enchant many at first glance with their naturalness and the “raw” impression.

Jewelry with rough diamonds – simple and unmistakable

Jewelry with rough diamonds chain and earrings

However, both types are distinguished by their unique appearance and simplicity. Jewelry with rough diamonds will please not only a minimalist looking for a timeless piece, but also an environmentally conscious person. It certainly fits in well that unused materials are used that would otherwise remain unused. Rough diamonds are loved by people who go against the current and seek perfection in imperfections.

On the contrary, a Wedding ring or any other jewelry adorned with a black gemstone will delight those who want to stand out from the crowd and be unmistakable or even mysterious. In case you’re feeling the same about your relationship, hit the mark with an unconventional wedding ring.

Do these unconventional types of diamonds attract your attention, or do you prefer the traditional clear diamond jewelry? In any case, it must be recognized that Mother Nature can create incredible miracles that one just stands still and admires at the sight of them.

Pink diamond and white gold engagement ring