Piercing Trends 2019: The Five Most Popular New Piercings

Piercing Trends 2019 septum nose ring stays in

Piercings have become rather unpopular over the past few years. Due to the new fashion, the many extraordinary designers and celebrities, there is now a real hype again. Not only tattoos are trendy, but piercings as well. In this article we will go into which piercing trends have particularly prevailed this year.

In the 1990s, navel piercings and piercings on the lip or on the eyebrow were the indicators of coolness. Almost every influential pop singer wore at least one piercing. The fan community carried the style over to itself. Suddenly, piercings were the ultimate.

The hype about body jewelry quickly came to an end. That is not in itself dramatic, because the piercings could be removed quickly and easily. But it was different with tattoos – numerous people then had to decide on a cover-up in order to keep up with the times.

Which piercing trends made it in 2019?

Silver snug piercing jewelry for woman

Which piercings were the most popular this year? 2019 highlighted some trends. However, some trends were adopted from 2018 and it can be assumed that these piercings will still be “cool” in 2020.

Snug piercing

With snug piercing (anti helix), the piercing is worn in the inner cartilage of the ear. This piercing was already in trend last year. Why is piercing so popular? Because – at least at the moment – hardly anyone has it and is a real eye-catcher.

Nose piercing ring septum thin silver woman

Septum Light

Many stars wear a subtle septum. Stars like Zoe Kravitz have even been able to establish the septum as their own trademark. No other piercing was so popular, especially in 2018. The piercing is very simple in itself. It’s a central nose ring, but it shouldn’t be too big. The more delicate, the better.

High lobe piercing

Normal pierced ears are enhanced by a second pierced ear. The new ears are not placed next to each other, but on top of each other. The trendy high lobes are a completely new look that hasn’t been seen in recent years. Great opportunity to become a trendsetter in the city!

navel piercing titanium silver with stones sport woman

Belly button piercing

A navel piercing is again very popular in 2019. But this time it’s more subtle piercings. On the Navel piercing side there are all shapes that are trendy now. By the way, very interesting: a navel piercing is very popular, especially during pregnancy.

Smiley piercing

The so-called smiley piercing is done on the lip band. The piercing is attached in the middle of the mucous membranes, which has also proven to be very robust. But this piercing is very controversial. Dentists are against it because the metal can damage teeth in the long run. This may not be a nice affair, especially on the front teeth. For the older generation it is also rather strange to wear a piercing like this.

What should be considered before getting a piercing?

Septum piercing bull ring nose ring can look elegant

As soon as you have decided on a piercing, nothing should be rushed first. There are other things to consider.

Under no circumstances should a piercing be done by yourself. This is also a trend, but not one to be followed with common sense. Serious health risks could arise.

It shouldn’t go to just any piercing studio. You should ask around on Facebook, friends or acquaintances. Perhaps these people have a better recommendation? In principle, it should be a hygienic and clean studio, otherwise you should leave the shop quickly.

Costs should not be spared. A piercing is permanent in itself. The puncture holes do not disappear. The piercing should therefore at least be done cleanly. In addition, it should be a studio that uses high-quality jewelry so that the skin can also look not ignited.

Every trend should be followed?

The piercing should not be chosen based on a trend. Rather, it should be a piercing, with which you can also identify yourself. A timeless piercing is the main thing in any case.

Navel piercing Navel piercing jewelry made of titanium or real silver