Make your own choker chain – 3 simple ideas with instructions for re-styling

choker chain -do-it-yourself-black-thin-easy-diy

Fashion is constantly changing and good forgotten pieces keep popping up. Trends are constantly reinventing themselves and bringing new impulses for fashion-conscious women and men. Since the second half of 2016, collars that fit very tightly around the neck have been a trend that we know from the 90s. The one at that time Choker chain or even negatively called ‘strangler’, consisted of coarse black leather with rivets. Today she looks elegant and distant from that style.

Choker chain – an absolute trend


The typical 90s chokers were mostly made of interwoven stretch rubber and were more of a grunge, punk style. The new ones are now much more elegant and variable depending on the outfit. A choker chain made of black velvet ribbon or in burgundy color would go well with the evening dress, while for everyday wear and casual clothing – a simpler variant made of thin leather cord.

Make your own choker chain – what is needed?

choker chain -do-it-yourself-instructions-materials-diy-eyelets

Choker chain is the trend piece par excellence, especially in all possible variations. But there is often the problem that the chain is often simply too small or not exactly suitable for the neck. The good news – you can create one yourself without any effort. We have collected some ideas and summarized simple instructions. The materials you need can be found in the bead or craft shop around the corner. Tools and aids such as superglue, scissors and jewelry pliers are also used.

Make your own choker chain – instructions

Choker chain -do-it-yourself-instructions-circle-leather-cord-brown

First, let’s give a couple of tips before getting anything needed worried. If you want a wider choker chain, we recommend choosing a velvet ribbon in black or dark red. You should avoid the black leather straps, because they are reminiscent of BDSM culture. It also looks more stylish when the metal parts and accents are coordinated with the rest of the jewelry you are currently wearing.

Make your own choker chain with ring 

Choker chain -do-it-yourself-instructions-metal circle-leather cord

For the first DIY choker chain you need:

  • approx. 50 cm artificial leather strip in the color of your choice – e.g. brown
  • Superglue
  • Metal ring – diameter 2-3 cm
  • Clamp fastener

Make your own choker with a metal ring in the middle 


First you have to measure the circumference of your neck with the tape measure. Cut the leather cord to this length, then cut it in the middle. Then you put one half around the metal ring, fold in approx. 1-1.5 cm and glue it on. You do the same with the other half.

DIY choker chain with clamp clasp


The next step is to test whether the leather strap with the metal ring corresponds to the dimensions of the neck, if necessary – shorten the strap. Then a clip fastener is pressed at both ends with jewelry pliers.

Choker chain made easy with a wide leather cord!


Choker chain with metal ring – variant II


A similar variant also works with a very thin leather strap. You need about 1 m of leather cord. First cut it in two, then tie a loop around the metal ring with each piece. Now the simple choker chain is ready and it can be attached to the neck.

Make a narrow choker chain with gold accent yourself – instructions


For the second choker, we decided on a very simple variant with a gold accent. It is a gold-look curb chain that is lovingly incorporated.

Make your own choker chain – materials


All you need for this craft project are:

  • 1 m leather cord / leather cord in the color of your choice
  • approx. 4-5 cm curb chain – not too wide-meshed
  • Superglue
  • Scissors and jewelry pliers

Choker chain with accent in gold


The cord should be pulled through the openings in the curb chain. For this reason, you have to consider in advance how big the curb chain should be so that the cord can be threaded through it.

Slide the gold chain into the middle of the leather cord


Now the curb chain is pushed into the middle of the cord and neatly centered. Instead of the curb chain, you can opt for a coin with a hole in the boho style or choose another pendant. This choker chain is already finished and it didn’t even take 10 minutes.

DIY narrow choker chain with metal eyelets at both ends


We recommend attaching metal eyelets to the end of the leather strap or cord. These can either be fixed with superglue or attached with jewelry pliers. Thus your choker will look complete and professionally manufactured.

Make a simple choker chain yourself – with accents at the ends


The simplest variant of all is to take a leather cord and wrap it around your neck twice or three times. If desired, it can be tied as a bow. You can attach details to both ends of the ribbon for accentuation. Small pendants or pearls are very suitable for this.

Make a chic choker chain with black lace border yourself – instructions


This chic choker chain consists mainly of an artistic lace border in black and a velvet ribbon is sewn on in the middle. To do this yourself, you need:

  • a piece of black lace border – depending on the neck size approx. 30-35 cm long, 3-5 cm wide
  • a piece of velvet ribbon – 50 cm long or as long as the lace border and narrower from it
  • Pins
  • Clamp fastener or hook & Eyelets

DIY choker chain – classy with black lace border

choker-chain-do-it-yourself-black-lace-velvet ribbon

First the neck circumference is measured and the lace border is cut off a bit longer than the circumference. The velvet ribbon is sewn on in the middle with a sewing machine. Then both ends are briefly melted with a lighter so that they cannot fray. Then there is the option of the choker with a clamp or hook & To close eyelets. In the second case you have to pay attention to which side the hook is attached to so that it overlaps the eyelets.

Make a simple choker chain yourself – a black velvet ribbon


Another idea for a stylish and modern own-brand choker is simply to take a beautiful velvet ribbon, about 1.5-2 cm wide and 1 m long, and attach a clip fastener to both ends. The band is then tied as a bow at the back of the neck and not at the front of the neck as usual.

Imaginative choker chain idea – re-style a narrow belt 


As you may have already learned, there are no limits to the choker chain. You can experiment with it a lot. Just take a nice narrow belt, shorten it a bit and wrap it around your neck or keep its length and just double wrap it around. Now the DIY chooker is ready.

The simplest choker chain variant – simply tie a string as a bow

choker-chain-do-it-yourself-lace-up shoes-women-laces

The narrow cord or leather cord can easily be replaced by a shoelace, as long as it is finely made and not too thick.