Make chain with tassel yourself – instructions and ideas to imitate

Chain with tassel-make-your-own-ideas-beads-diy-jewelry

All accessories and jewelry are perfect for the summer, but also for the sunny days afterwards. These go perfectly with the casual look and their fresh colors create a good mood. Often these are also decorated with colorful beads, pendants and other artistic elements. Tassels are now trendy and can be made yourself without much effort. Earrings, bracelets and chains with tassels are statement jewelery that you can wear not only to the festival, but also in everyday life with a casual outfit. Find out here which materials are best for making tassel jewelry and how you can make a pretty necklace with a tassel yourself.

Long chain with tassels


Bracelets or chains with at least one tassel dangling are able to spice up any outfit. In the meantime, there are decorated chains with tassels in a wide variety of variants: with wooden or stone beads, made of fabric or in a silver, gold or brass look. The chains are usually relatively long. Depending on your height, the pendant hangs under your chest. Anyone can make a beautiful necklace with a tassel. The choice of materials depends primarily on individual taste, but should ultimately match the clothing.

Make chain with tassel yourself – ideas and crafting tips

Chain with tassel-make-your-own-ideas-diy-instructions-embroidery thread

Tassels can be used to decorate not only chains, but also earrings, scarves or even dresses. They are available in a wide variety of designs, for example made of velor, silk or cotton thread, also made of synthetic fibers and in different sizes. You can buy the tassels ready-made, preferably order them online, but you can also make them yourself. This works without any problems if you have the most necessary materials available. The tassels can be combined very well with gold, rose gold or silver, but also with semi-precious stone beads made of turquoise, agate or amethyst. Oriental motifs as pendants such as the hand of Fatima or the Tibetan knot round off the look perfectly.

Chain with tassel – make tassels yourself from embroidery floss

Chain with tassel - make-your-own-instructions

To make tassels yourself you need yarn of any color, a piece of cardboard and a pair of scissors. Embroidery thread is best, but silk thread can also be used if you are into the beautiful silk sheen. First you cut the cardboard so that the width of the cardboard piece corresponds to the desired size of the tassel. Now is wrapped. If several tassels are to be made, one has to pay attention to how many times the thread has wrapped around the cardboard on the first tassel in order to achieve the same thickness on all other tassels. However, you notice that when you try it out. When there is enough thread around the box, cut another thread and run it through the top of the tassel and knot it very tightly. Now you remove the cardboard and cut the wound yarn at the lower end exactly in the middle. With another thread you tie off the head and pull it very tightly. The remaining thread ends can simply be pulled inside. In the video instructions you can see exactly how everything works.

Make a boho necklace with tassel and wooden beads yourself

Chain with tassel-do-it-yourself-wooden-beads-idea-instructions

Depending on the case, a chain can be decorated with just one tassel in the middle or with several colorful ones. We show the two variants. If you want a long chain, it’s best to attach a slightly larger tassel in the middle and let it hang. Colorful wooden beads go perfectly with the colored thread of the tassel. If you match the colors of the two elements, you get a great necklace with a tassel, a real eye-catcher.

Make a chain with a tassel out of embroidery thread – Instructions


If the tassel should act as the only decorative element, it is worthwhile to design it in a striking color, for example in pink, turquoise, orange or red. Small jewelry elements will complement the unique piece of jewelry perfectly, but you shouldn’t do that either exaggerate. To attach the tassels and the other elements to the chain, it is best to use eyelets or jump rings in silver or gold as desired.

Chain with tassels to what look?


The colorful tassels conjure up a hippie flair, which is why they perfectly complement any boho outfit with ethnic, paisley or flower motifs. In addition, a tassel chain spices up plain-colored or simple clothing and immediately conjures up a cheerful look. A big trend that is also ideal for a long necklace with a tassel is jewelry layering. Many chains of different lengths and materials are worn at the same time. In order for the look to succeed, you should find the balance between filigree combination partners and other striking models.

Chain with tassels – achieve an ombré effect


If you like it colorful and really eye-catching, then you can make a great necklace with several tassels. For this, we recommend coordinating the colors and combining them harmoniously. By using different shades of the same color family, you can achieve the trendy ombré effects that go perfectly with the boho look.

Chain with tassels – variant with fringed ribbon


If you want larger tassels, these can be tinkered with a fringed ribbon or fringe or dance fringes. This is available by the meter in different designs. For jewelry making, you should choose a fine material in a beautiful color. You can use embroidery or crochet thread of any color for the base of the chain. A transparent all-purpose glue is also required.

Make a long chain with tassels – instructions


First you weave a simple cable cord from the crochet thread. The tassels will later be attached to both sides of this, so you should determine the length of the chain accordingly. The fringed ribbon is cut in such a way that two identical tassels result, but they are also large enough for the chain to look pretty.


Now you take one end of the cable and fix it with the glue at the beginning of the one piece of fringed tape. Then you roll up the whole fringe tape around the end of the cord and glue it in place. You do this on the served ends of the braid and try to make the two tassel heads tidy. When the glue is already dry, you take some crochet thread and wrap it around the head of the tassel so that the area for sewing on the fringed ribbon is covered and the tassels finally look nice.


Finally, you can cut the fringes of the tassels neatly so that they are all the same length. Small elements such as rocailles can be attached to the individual fringes as beautiful details.


A chain with a tassel really comes into its own when it is tastefully combined with clothing. For a stylish appearance, it is best to choose an item of clothing that catches the eye with a striking pattern or motif. In addition, you wear a simple and comfortable T-shirt or top. The accent colors of the clothing should ultimately be found in the chain.