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Having your own jewelry collection isn’t difficult, provided you stick to the basic styles you can’t do without. Find out which one here Jewelry accessory should not be missing in your jewelry box in order to be prepared for every occasion. Once you’ve mastered the basics of your jewelry box, there is always plenty of time to add similar jewelry that you like. But you should by no means ignore the following versatile pieces of jewelry, which are fundamentally necessary. Today we are going to show you which jewelry for women you should definitely own in order to be prepared for every style, from the cleverly casual style and the wardrobe for the office to more elegant outfits.

Jewelry accessory number one: the ear studs


The basic equipment with regard to the Jewelry accessory every lady’s ear studs must not be missing. Gold and silver are a good choice because they are precious metals that almost never cause allergies. Their versatility also makes them perfect for many outfits. You can also consider diamonds in case the bulk of your clothing is elegant in style.

Statement chain as a jewelry accessory

Jewelry-accessory-necklace-stones-metal-silver-summer trend

Before you start thinking about other types of earrings, you should focus on the statement necklace. Because it is also important Jewelry accessory for women, and should not be missing in your jewelry box. But since it can be a bigger investment, choose one that reflects your style and goes with most of your outfits. Regardless of whether you choose a rather simple piece or a more unusual one, make sure that you really like the chain and that you feel comfortable with it.

Jewelry for women – hoop earrings

Ladies-jewelry-trend-ideas-summer-gold hoop earrings

If you have your hair pinned up in a bun or ponytail, consider these simple type of earrings as Choosing jewelry accessory. They are great for a casual outfit, but can also provide a slightly glamorous look. Choose thin hoop earrings that aren’t too heavy and look. If you have a more colorful style, don’t be afraid to use the earrings as a colored accent that will make you stand out.

A short necklace

Women's jewelry-purple-stones-short-chain

As a simple piece of jewelry that you can wear independently, with a pendant or in combination with a bracelet, the short necklace is an important part of your collection of jewelry accessories for women that should not be missing. Make sure you choose a precious metal that won’t stain your skin in case you wear the necklace every day. But don’t choose a chocker. The short necklace should reach your collarbone.

Jewelry for women – the wide bangle


Metal bangles may not be great for every occasion, but they do help you locate your inner goddess. Make it big and eye-catching and choose either one or two of the same kind. Just make sure that the rest of the jewelry accessories you wear are more eye-catching than the bangles. They go perfectly with cocktail dresses, but also with a two-piece outfit, for example a pencil skirt and a tight-fitting top.

A long necklace


Since you can wear the long necklace either in its original length or twice around your neck, it can usually be worn with everyday outfits as well as with evening wear. The long necklace is definitely one of those jewelry accessories that you should absolutely have and it fits everything from dresses to turtlenecks.

A watch inspired by men’s fashion


For the office outfit, the watch inspired by men’s fashion that adds a certain sophistication to your look is a must. Do not choose a delicate one, but one with a larger movement. But it doesn’t matter whether you prefer a metal or a leather strap. Such a watch is ideal as an accessory to the office outfit, with which you should not wear too much jewelry.

Cocktail ring

gold-plated-silver-plated-rhodium-plated-gemstones-crystal stones

No collection of jewelry accessories for women is perfect if the cocktail ring is still missing. It plays an important role among all your jewelry because it can really make any cocktail look very special. But don’t choose a neutral color. Make sure he really stands out if you want to make the most of this beautiful piece of jewelry.

The tennis bracelet as a jewelry accessory


The tennis bracelet is perfect as an addition to your stud earrings and looks just as stylish when you wear it with your men’s fashion-inspired watch. So before you choose a bracelet, make sure you don’t miss out on this piece of jewelry that can also be used as a charm bracelet.


Lace dress-long-earrings-jewelry-accessory

Many women are of the opinion that the earrings are not for Jewelery for women belongs that everyone should own, but only goes with the pearl necklaces, which can be added to the collection as an option. This piece of jewelry, which is so underestimated, can provide a lot of elegance and sophistication, especially on special occasions when you wear an updo. Make sure, however, that you don’t choose earrings that are too heavy.

The evening cocktail can come

Cocktail ring jewelry accessory

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