Chandelier earrings – dream jewelry for women


Chandelier earrings are large earrings that reach almost to the shoulders and consist of pretty ornaments, pendants and stones. These earrings are also popular with the stars and are regularly worn by them on the red carpet. To the lovers of the Chandelier earrings also include Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, and Sarah Jessica Parker. These pieces of jewelery provide an even more elegant, feminine and attractive look, are eye-catching and should therefore not be missing in any jewelery box.

Chandelier earrings for an attractive look

chandelier earrings-crystals-cara-delevigne

It doesn’t matter which model Chandelier earrings You decide. There are both shorter versions and large, bulky ones with lots of stones and decorations. Since the piece of jewelery was first introduced in 1999, the designers have made regular changes. They don’t just differ in length. For the decoration, the designers choose either real gemstones or ordinary rhinestones or pearls. The materials from which the Chandelier earrings can exist, as well as the shapes, which mostly consist of oriental patterns, ornate flowers, pendants and additional elements.

Chandelier earrings in 2014

Beyoncé-Knowles-Met-Ball-2014-black chandelier earrings

They fit best Chandelier earrings to an off-the-shoulder outfit or a deep cleavage, so the next time you’re on the lookout for new accessories on a shopping trip, just check out this fashion trend. You may not be able to buy such luxurious models as the stars, but you are guaranteed to find a pair that is impressive Chandelier earrings in jewelry stores that are also reasonably priced. Either way, you will look simply stunning and attractive with them.

Oscar de la Renta Fashion Show – Spring 2014     


perfect with a dress with a sweetheart neckline

megan fox-chandelier earrings-red-stones

also subtle designs


different sizes and lengths

Marcia-Gay-chandelier-earrings-short-hairstyle Jennifer-garner-chandelier-earrings-updo chandelier-earrings-blue-round-Ginnifer-Goodwin gold-chandelier-earrings-carrie-underwood chandelier-earrings-pink-dress-Gwyneth-paltrow aqua-colored-chandelier-earrings-Uma-Thurman chandelier-earrings-vintage-look-ginnifer rihanna-2005-chandelier-earrings-high-tied-ponytail chandelier-earrings-pearl-aqua-blue chandelier-earrings-silver-crystals-pearls chandelier-earrings-dusky pink crystals