Chain layering is the latest fashion trend of the year: This is how easy it is to create the look!

From statement earrings to colorful gemstones to chunky XXL link chains – the jewelry trends 2020 are based on the motto “The more conspicuous, the better!”. Current trends offer pretty much everything your heart desires and have tempted us to replenish our jewelry boxes. Do you sometimes find it difficult to choose the right necklace for your outfit? And what if we tell you you don’t have to do this anymore? Chain layering is the latest hit in accessories and a very easy way to spice up any look. Due to the numerous styling options, your look can range from super playful and casual to incredibly glamorous, depending on the choice of jewelry and outfit. But before you start rummaging through your drawer, there are a few tips and tricks to follow. In our article we will tell you what you should pay attention to when styling as well as the most beautiful ideas and inspirations!

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Chain layering means something like “chain layering” in German and is a real eye-catcher. With the new trend, “More is more!” Applies with full force – we no longer have to choose a specific necklace for our outfit, but can wear several at once. This looks exciting and is probably the easiest way to spice up a look. All you need for this is a little imagination and a couple of necklaces of different lengths and with cool pendants.

Chain layering – it’s the length that counts!

Combine blazer outfit for summer gold chains

So that your jewelry really comes into its own, you should make sure that all chains are of different lengths when layering chains. Not only does it look better, it also reduces the risk of them getting tangled. Half the fun of creating the look is that there is no limit to the styles and materials. Try different combinations to create interesting and refreshing contrasts. For example, a filigree gold chain goes surprisingly well with a cool choker. Add a long silver chain with a large pendant and your outfit will look a lot cooler. Necklaces with pearls or shells are a big hit this year and give your look a happy summery flair.

Combine necklaces made of different materials for an exciting look

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While the combination of silver and gold jewelry was taboo in the fashion world for years, the small break in style makes a fashion statement. Opulent and eye-catching statement necklaces are absolutely not your thing? You can just as easily combine several filigree chains with one another. Such a minimalist chain layering looks particularly noble and harmonious. And the best thing about it is that it goes perfectly with absolutely every occasion.

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The jewelry trend is about having fun and getting as creative as you want. The possibilities of creating the look are really endless. While there isn’t a general rule of how much we can carry at one time, we mustn’t overdo it either. To create a harmonious overall picture, do not use more than 5 necklaces.

Keep the outfit simple and put the necklaces in the limelight

Summer Outfits Ideas Necklaces Trends 2020 Chains Layering Tips

Think of the neckline and color of your top as the stage for chain layering. The accessories only come into their own particularly beautifully and properly if you keep the rest of the outfit a little more restrained. T-shirts and tops with a deep V-neck emphasize the interesting look even more. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, it is best to use plain knitted sweaters with a high turtleneck. Due to the different lengths and pendants, the jewelry trend is conspicuous enough in itself and therefore you should rather avoid clothing with decorations and patterns.

Chain Layering – More stylish ideas and looks to re-style

Gold jewelry trends necklace combine elegant fashion trends 2020

So that each piece of jewelry can work and stand out for itself, it is important to combine necklaces of different lengths

Choker necklace combine jewelry trends summer 2020

Numerous stars and influencers have shown the way and triggered the hype about chain layering

Bella Hadid Outfits Summer Jewelry Trends 2020 Chains Layering Tips

Filigree necklaces that shine in different tones make a cool fashion statement

Chain Layering Jewelry Trends 2020 Bela Hadid Outfits

The new trend screams even more for summer when you opt for necklaces with shells and pearls

Chain layering jewelry trends 2020 neon colors combine neon pink hair color

XXL link chains are an absolute must this year and look incredibly chic in the chain layering look

Jewelry trends 2020 XXL Kliederketten combine summer outfit ideas

Create more variety by combining pieces of jewelry made of different materials

Off shoulder blouse outfit for the summer jewelry trends 2020

With statement earrings you achieve an eye-catching look that definitely catches the eye

XXL link chains jewelry trends statement earrings

Don’t hesitate to experiment with designs and sizes – anything you like is allowed!

Bella Hadid Hairstyles Chains Layering Jewelry Trends Summer 2020

Depending on how long and thick the necklaces are, the layered look is perfect for the office

Accessories trends summer 2020 chain layering tips